Worthing businessman launches course to help people who have ‘dropped out of the system’

Worthing decorating specialist Anthony Carr is launching an expressions course to help people who have ‘dropped out of the system’.

Having grown up on the Maybridge estate and struggled at school, Anthony has gone on to set up his own business, Mixed Emulsions, and has now completed a teaching qualification so he can pass on his skills to others.

Anthony, 33, particularly wants to help young people who are struggling, including young offenders and those find it hard to engage with school.

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He said: “I am targeting 11 to 17-year-olds. It is designed to inspire people to learn new practical skills and allow them to relax and focus in an exciting yet calm environment.

Anthony Carr from Mixed Emulsions with examples of the decorating skills people will learn on his expressions course

“If people are not responding to school, this encourages them to do something creative, leading on to learning skills that can open doors and give them an opportunity to earn money.”

Anthony specialises in custom decorative effects and has designed the course around these skills. It includes three workshops, called decorative effects, faux finishing effects and the upcycle project, which will teach young people new skills and allow them to express their thoughts and feelings through creativity.

Anthony said: “I was born in Worthing, on the Maybridge estate. I have seen quite a broad spectrum growing up. Some friends are not here any more, some are in prison, some fell off the track, some stayed on the track.

“I was not very academic at school but since I left, I have set up my own business. I did a two-year interior design course and a three-year decorating course as part of an apprenticeship.

“From there, I developed a passion for it and did a decorative finish course. I have since worked for the National Trust and for Lord and Lady Onslow.

“I have always been passionate about art and I have tried to link that with my natural ability to help people who are non-academic. It seems to be a calling. I want to inspire people who struggle at school, as I was one of those candidates. I am proof it can be done.”

Anthony went through a bout of depression after his father died but the birth of his daughter eight years ago was the turning point.

“I have been at the bottom, so the idea is, on the way up, to inspire people and encourage people in a similar situation,” he added.

Anthony has been working on his expressions course for more than a year and, thanks to sponsorship, is now ready to launch it.

At first, he will be taking his workshops into schools and other settings for young offenders, foster children and those who have been excluded from school.

Long-term, he hopes to be able to set up his own base, so people can come to him for workshops, and scale it up for a wider audience, including care homes and hospices.

Visit www.mixed-emulsions.net, email [email protected] or telephone 07939240451 for more information.