Worthing cinema brought up to date with brand-new kit

The cinema at Worthing’s Connaught Theatre has been upgraded thanks to brand-new equipment.

The cinema, in Union Place, now boasts two new screens for better image quality, new 4K laser projectors, a new active 3D system in the Connaught Studio, and new audio processors for improved sound – with both screens now capable of Dolby Digital 7.1 audio.

Senior technician for digital cinema at Worthing Theatres and Museum, which runs the Connaught. Simon Parker, said: “The improvements were made mainly because we wanted to improve the customer experience.

“The equipment that we had was old, it was the first generation of digital cinema.

Connaught Cinema, Worthing, after improvements. Pic S Robards.

“Although it still worked, we wanted to create a better experience with picture and sound quality, which enables new films to be shown as they were intended as a lot more films are being released in 4K and with better audio.”

As well as new high-tech kit, the theatre also has new assistance equipment for people hard of hearing and those who are visually impaired. Simon said: “We open back up to the public on the week commencing September 3, and we hope that these new improvements will help the audience to enjoy the cinema more.”

Connaught Cinema, Worthing, after improvements, with Simon Parker. Pic S Robards.
Connaught Cinema, Worthing, after improvements. Pic S Robards.