Worthing’s panto Beauty and the Beast shimmies and sparkles

There's still time to see Beauty and the Beast at the Worthing Pavilion Theatre until January 2

The cast of Beauty and the Beast at the Worthing Pavilion 2021 pantomime
The cast of Beauty and the Beast at the Worthing Pavilion 2021 pantomime

In a time of uncertainty yet again, there’s one thing that cannot fail to put a smile on your face and that is a panto.

There is still time to go along to the Worthing Pavilion and see Beauty and the Beast, until January 2. For tickets, book here: Beauty and the Beast - The Pantomime - Worthing Theatres and Museum (wtm.uk)Starring Strictly Come Dancing’s Robin Windsor as Gaston, there’s a very generous helping of dance moves and plenty of fun references to the hit show.

There’s also the cheeky antics of the panto Dame Madame Cheerie Trifle, played by André Vincent, and the two silly sidekicks – this year Crepe Suzette and Philippe Philoppe played by the delightful Katie Pritchard and Josh Haberfield.

My children especially liked the chocolate bar routine, creating a whole comical conversation based on the names of famous sweet treats!

The essential panto elements including the ‘he’s behind you’ sketch, sing-a-longs and plenty of booing and cheering are there, too. All the things every panto must have. There is even an added bonus of some acrobatics on aerial silks and an aerial ring.

There is, of course, the main story of Beauty and the Beast intertwined between all the fun. The panto doesn’t follow the original script entirely and there wasn’t any talking furniture, I’m afraid, but there's plenty of drama and romance.

The lead parts are played by actress Sapphire Elia as Belle and Britain's Got Talent winner Jai McDowall as the Beast – both were fantastic, looking effortless on stage with powerful singing voices, too. And I must mention the costumes, something my nine-year-old daughter said was one of her favourite elements of the show. From the many flamboyant outfits worn by the Dame to the beautiful glittering dresses worn by Belle, they were certainly eye-catching.

So, while you can, book your tickets and sit back and enjoy the shimmies, the songs, the sparkles and the silliness of panto.

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