Percy’s head is found

Percy's head has been discovered impaled on a stake by a road.
Percy's head has been discovered impaled on a stake by a road.
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THE head of a Regency-era inspired gigantic statue has been discovered impaled on a wooden stake in mysterious circumstances – right in the heartland of the Sussex Express news area.

‘Percy’s’ 10ft tall body remains missing after the gruesome discovery of the head by resident Lyle Ascott off the A27 near Alfriston earlier this week.

Same Sky, a community art charity, originally commissioned artist-maker Jo Coles to make the statue for Brighton Festival Children’s Parade. The theft of Percy was discovered from underneath the Arches on Madeira Drive in the city whilst the charity crew were clearing up after the event on May 5.

John Varah, artistic director at Same Sky, said: “We can’t make head nor tail of it. We half expect to get his finger in a box next week.

“People have been very kind in their efforts to help us find Percy.

“Of course we see the funny side to this, but we had planned to use Percy in many of our summer events and we’d really like to have the rest of him back.”

Percy was created holding a book and wearing full Regency-era dress including a waistcoat made from a map of the world, and a top hat.

He was constructed from willow sticks, newsprint and domestic paint.

At the time of the original theft, Jo Coles said: “We’re very upset and terribly worried about him. He’s a gentle soul – a romantic and a scholar – and really shouldn’t be out in Brighton at night. He needs looking after.”

Because of his height, Jo Coles was worried that someone would leave him outside, possibly in a garden.

“He won’t survive being outside for any amount of time and will fall apart if he gets wet.”

Same Sky have been organising the Children’s Parade since 1989 and over the years have seen it grow from 60 children and five schools to more than 5,000 young people from 77 schools.

The charity works with communities to create exciting and affordable arts events in the region.

Anyone with information to help find the rest of Percy’s missing body has been asked to contact Same Sky by sending an email to: