PERSONAL VIEW: My ride on the Worthing Wheel

I went on the Worthing Wheel a cynic - I came off in love!
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To be fair, I do not like heights, so I was a little nervous but I could not turn down the opportunity to be one of the first to go on the wheel.

I need not have worried about feeling safe. The cars are enclosed with glass panels, the seats are comfortable and the ride is very smooth indeed.

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The giant observation wheel will be in Steyne Gardens for 24 days, starting today at 10am. It can carry up to 144 people in 24 pods and if you ask me, you should not miss this opportunity.

Communities champion Elaine Hammond on the Worthing WheelCommunities champion Elaine Hammond on the Worthing Wheel
Communities champion Elaine Hammond on the Worthing Wheel

It is not true to say it is silent but it really does not make much noise at all, nowhere near as much as the passing vehicles even.

The door system is new for Worthing as general manager Evan De-Koning was not happy with the previous ones, saying they rattled at the top. These seem fine and are latched shut with a sliding catch.

As you step in, you can sit either side and if there are not too many of you, you can carefully scooch around part way through the ride.

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The car then smoothly lifts off and you are soon looking over the rooftops. The distance you can see is incredible – over the Downs, out to sea, far out west and east.

And for worried hotel guests, take note, people can see no more than they can standing on the ground in Steyne Gardens anyway. It’s really not that close.

You get three revolutions for your money and as time is needed for people to get on and off, you are held at the top for a really good look around.

The price is £5 per person but there is a special rate for families. Everyone can have a go as there is a special wheelchair-accessible pod.


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