Peter back for fifth panto

Eagle Radio’s Peter Gordon returns in all his regal splendour as The King for his fifth successive pantomime at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

Jack And The Beanstalk is at the venue until Sunday, January 8.

As Peter says, it’s not exactly his day job, but he just loves it.

“For me, it works on various levels. First of all, I just love all this sort of stuff. I just love being on stage, but also from the radio station point of view, it is good to have one of the main people out in the community. People listening to the radio will have seen the show and they will be able to have a laugh at my expense.

“For me, it’s also a great privilege to get up, do the morning show on the radio and then to have an influence on the running of a commercial radio station and then be on the stage at the theatre in the evening in my home town.

“But also I think that to have a theatre such as the Yvonne Arnaud is such a huge plus for the town. It’s the heritage that the theatre has. My nan used to come here and go to the Thursday matinees for OAPs 30 years ago. I remember her trundling off into the town. At so many community levels, it is so important to have a theatre in the town.

“And fair is fair, Guildford is really coming on. At times I have been quite critical of some of the decisions that have been made in the town and I have had a bit of a reputation for that. But also you have got to say it when people get it right. G Live is a great new venue at the top of the town. It will never be the same again there, and also in the town there is some great movement forward by the University of Surrey. But also to have the Yvonne Arnaud with its heritage and with its commitment to dramatic plays and shows that you couldn’t see anywhere else, and also with the great facility of the Mill Studio, is a very, very important thing for Guildford.”

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