Pets Corner plan to relocate in Lewes ‘will increase traffic dangers’

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RESIDENTS and businesses in Malling Street, Lewes, have called on Lewes District Council to throw out plans by Pets Corner to locate a pet supermarket and veterinary surgery in a small courtyard off the busy A26.

More than 80 local people have registered their objections to the planning application which councillors will consider at a meeting on Wednesday, May 16.

Pets Corner plans to vacate its existing town centre premises in Railway Lane, located next to a large public car park, and move to a site on the town’s outskirts.

Protesters argue that rather than combining their trip to Pets Corner with other town centre shopping as they do now, Pets Corner customers will invariably get back into their cars to take them out to Coombe Court.

The upshot will be a regular flow of traffic exiting and entering the proposed Pet Store car park at a particularly busy and hazardous corner on the A26, local people argue.

Malling Street Resident Des Kane said: “Coombe Court is just not a suitable location for a retail business that will be accessed by loads of cars. I know from my own experience of turning out of Coombe Court onto the A26 just how dangerous it can be.

“Your view in both directions is often totally obscured by cars and vans parked in the adjacent bays. Then there is the added danger of traffic speeding down from Malling Hill. I am really worried that if the plans go ahead sooner or later there is going to be a serious accident.’

Objectors say the proposals do not provide for enough parking spaces at Coombe Court to cater for the customers and staff of the pet store and vets as well as delivery vehicles accessing the site. This will mean site users competing with local residents for an already limited supply of parking places on Malling Street.

Resident Dave Buxton said: “The proposed parking allocations are totally inadequate and will make a bad situation even worse.”