Pett Rescue Boat praised

PETT Level Rescue Boat is an “asset to the local community” says Rye Labour Parliamentary candidate Sarah Owen.

Sarah was joined by Lord Bassam of Brighton and County Council candidate Nick Warren when she paid a visit to Pett Level Rescue Boat last week.

The Rescue Boat Association have seen a brand new boathouse constructed following years of fund-raising. It means the tractor which tows the boat from the house to the water’s edge can now be accommodated.

Sarah Owen said: “It was great to see the work that the dedicated volunteers do in Pett, even allowing me some hands-on experience getting behind the wheel and reversing the boat back to the house.

“This fantastic team risk themselves to keep us safe in the water and are a real asset to our community in every sense.”

Lord Steve Bassam of Brighton said: “The crew and volunteers’ dedication to public safety deserves all the support they can get.

They continue to work hard against a backdrop of government cuts to most marine and coastal services, which makes volunteer organisations like Pett Rescue even more vital to our safety along our coasts.”