PICTURES: Major fire closes A27 in Lewes

Firefighters are expected to work through the night after a serious fire broke out at a scrapyard in Lewes earlier this evening (Thursday).

At least 10 fire crews - including teams from Barcombe, Uckfield, Lewes and Brighton - are at the Light Bros depot, near the Southerham Roundabout.

Fire crews are at the scene of a major blaze at a Lewes scrapyard. Photos by Eddie Mitchell.

Fire crews are at the scene of a major blaze at a Lewes scrapyard. Photos by Eddie Mitchell.

A fire service spokesman confirmed that around 200 tonnes of waste on the site is alight and that the A27 has been closed. Plumes of black smoke from the fire can be seen across the town and much of the surrounding area.

The spokesman said: "Crews from Lewes, Barcombe, Brighton and Uckfield are currently in attendance at a large rubbish fire at a waste management company just off the Southerham roundabout in Lewes.

"The A27 is now closed both ways between Beddingham roundabout and the Southerham roundabout."

People living downwind of a large fire in a recycling centre at Lewes have been warned to close windows and doors as a pall of smoke drifts southwestwards.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: "The fire broke out Greystone Quarry at Southerham, on the outskirts of Lewes just after 7pm on Thursday and a large plume of black smoke, that could be seen from miles around, began to drift to the south of the town and towards the South Downs beyond Kingston.

"The smoke and burning debris led to the closure of the main A27 between Lewes and Beddingham and while the fire is under control, it is expected to continue to affect the road throughout the night. Drivers are advised to remain clear of the area for at least the rest of the evening.

"People living in Kingston and then downwind in the areas from Falmer to Woodingdean have been warned to keep doors and windows closed to avoid being affected by the smoke.

"However, the measures are only precautionary as the smoke is dissipating as it heads towards the coast and is not believed to be of any significant risk to health."

Photos by Eddie Mitchell.