CORRECTION: It has come to light that the wrong result was given recently concerning Piddinghoe's annual Winter Quiz Night in the Village. The mistake does not effect the winners which were Jim and Sue and their two lovely daughters (a team called Age Before Beauty ?) who took home the coveted first prize, bottle of vintage plonk and the unopened box of chocolates, but Hilary kindly informs us that in fact it was her team, better known as the Woofers, who actually finished second ahead of Quincy's Church Bank Robbers (previously credited with second place in these columns). We are delighted to put the record straight with this correction. So there is no need of further mention concerning nurses or corporal punishment.

Friday, 21st December 2018, 5:00 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 9:09 am

FILM NIGHT EXTRAS: Another top-line social event hits the Village Hall this evening (Friday) with our monthly Film Night and a big audience is expected at 7.00 pm for 7.30 p.m. when we will show the 1967 Comedy Classic “Bedazzled”, starring the much-loved and much lamented Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. However the intrigue on this occasion is whether the previously signposted “mince pies” and “mulled wine” will in fact come to fruition for this event. Sure there will be the usual “choccie” biscuits, tea and coffee on offer and the chance to donate for a glass or two of wine but villagers are asking who is going to provide these festive extras we have all been hearing about. The solution will likely be a complete surprise. £3 seats in all parts.

CANDLE-LIT CAROL SERVICE: These aforementioned, sometimes rather silly, get-togethers in the Village Hall are all very well but they will, as usual, pale into insignificance when our celebrated Carol Concert at St John’s Church takes place this Sunday (December 23.) It has always been brilliant, a memorable occasion enjoyed by a gratifyingly-packed house of God but with the Rev Mary as well as the Rev Tim involved this time it is sure to be extra special. The two ministers are not the only ones who make it so good, though. It also has a distinct community feel with, over the years, many ladies being responsible for the fare served up afterwards to balm those bruised vocal chords and thirsty throats. Appreciation is due for Marilyn who has taken on the task in recent years following the demise of the much-missed Sue. Sunday’s service which starts at 6.30 p.m. will be followed on Monday by the first Christmas service in the Church starting at 11 p.m. (sometimes termed “Midnight Mass”.) Services will continue in 2019 every second Sunday (8.00 a.m.) and fourth Sunday (9.30 a.m)

FRUSTRATION RULES: It’s good that such noticeable progress is finally now being made on the village’s two high-profile and high-pressured building sites (next to Dormer House and next to Royal Oak) but the continual problem of lorries blocking our main thoroughfare (The Street) at regular intervals is still upsetting residents who try to keep appointments outside Piddinghoe or, indeed, just try to get to the shops at Newhaven or Lewes. Anybody who has read the regrets and frustrations of Mr and Mrs Spence as detailed in the current issue of The Villager will know they are as sorry about it as anybody else, and at least the projects are moving along now - after more than two years of virtual inactivity. One day (quite soon ?) we will all look at the completed projects and admit they are improvements to the look of the village that were worth waiting for. Won’t we ?

PILATES: Tomorrow (Saturday) in the Village Hall, classes of one hour from 8.15 a.m but please check with Village Hall notices to see if and when classes with Rebecca continue over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

INDOOR GAMES: Taking a rest over Christmas and New Year, but hopefully reviving in early 2019. Free use of equipment fir table tennis, darts, board games and card games who turn up on the night (has been Wednesdays)

ART AND KNITTING: Jill’s ladies will reconvene on Thursday afternoons in the Village Hall during 2019.

YOGA: Still popular on Thursday evenings (from 6.30 p.m.) with Tim Blair but please check with members of the Village Hall Management Committee (listed on central village noticeboard) about Christmas and New Year timings.