Piory students test rising sea level materials

Priory students with their certificates
Priory students with their certificates

An innovative digital fly-through of the Ouse Valley in which pupils can change future levels of the sea was launched at the Sustainable School Alliance national conference in Bristol last week.

Dr John Parry, Director of the Lewes Railway Land project, worked with Lewes Priory School teacher Lawrence Quinn to test and pilot teaching materials linked to the resource ‘Sea level rise in the Ouse valley’

Quinn sai: “Being prepared for future weather events and their consequences is vitally important.

“Living in the Ouse valley makes us vulnerable to the possible effects of climate change. The sequence of lessons enabled students to think about their own future and the future of the town in which they go to school.”

The first group of young people calling themselves the Linklater RATS (Raising Awareness of Tides and Sea levels) were presented with certificates by project leader Dr Parry.