Plan to enhance Seaford promenade

STUDENTS from the University of Brighton, Seaford Community Partnership and local school children have teamed up to enhance Seaford’s promenade.

Architecture students and the Office for Spatial Research at the Faculty of Arts, are working with the partnership.

They are investigating ways to make the promenade more attractive and enjoyable for residents to use, as well as how to draw more visitors into the town.

Second and third year students are visiting the seafront, conducting surveys, analytical exercises and running a design competition to investigate and draw up visions for the beach and local environment.

Chair of the Seaford Community Partnership Keith Blackburn said: “We are really excited about this project.

“We’d like to enhance the promenade and lead visitors into the town from the beach so that they can visit the shops, restaurants and cafes.

“We’re hoping that the exhibition will throw up lots of ideas for people to discuss and think about, acting as a springboard for the town to bid for funding to take some of the ideas forward.”

Luis Diaz and Tony Roberts from the Office for Spatial Research at the University of Brighton said: “We are delighted to be taking part in the project with the Seaford Community Partnership.

“The project allows us to provide students with the experience of working with a live brief and gives them an insight into how architecture can engage with community issues.”

The final drawings based on small, sustainable ideas will feature in an exhibition, which will be held in Seaford during spring 2012.

The collaborative project also involves local primary schools: Annecy Catholic Primary School, Chyngton Primary School and Cradle Hill Primary School.

The children will be submitting their own ideas as part of the exhibition.