Plan to keep tips open three days a week approved by East Sussex County Council

Seaford tip.
Seaford tip.

A proposal to keep three tips open for three days a week instead of closing them completely was approved by East Sussex County Council.

Household waste and recycling centres in Seaford, Forest Row and Wadhurst had been facing closure as part of the county council’s bid to save £70m over the next three years.

But the Campaign to Save Cradle Hill from Closure rejected the scheme labelling it “closure by the back door.”

County council lead member for transport and environment cllr Carl Maynard, said: “The whole purpose of carrying out a consultation on this issue was to give us a clearer idea of the level of demand for these sites.

“We’re very grateful to everyone who took part in the consultation and their views have helped us to come up with a revised plan which balances the requirement to make savings with local need for services.

“The need to reduce our waste budget has not gone away, but it’s important that we have a flexible approach which is able to adapt to fresh evidence and respond accordingly.

“The changes at these three sites are just one part of the county’s overall waste strategy, which will see us aim to divert more than 95 per cent of waste from landfill, making East Sussex a greener and more energy-efficient county.”

The sites will open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, which the council said were the three days of the week when around two thirds of visits took place.

On the remaining four days of the week, it said there were alternative facilities within ten to 20 minutes’ drive of the three affected sites.

The measures form part of the East Sussex Waste Strategy, which reviews how the county’s waste will be managed up until 2025.

The authority will now look at alternative means of achieving the remaining savings it needs to make from its waste management budget.

Bob Downing, from the Campaign to Save Cradle Hill from Closure’s steering committee, said: “The 10,460 signature petition calling for the Seaford Site not to close was signed by half the adult population in good faith, and we will continue to press for full opening, as the people of Seaford have clearly indicated this is what they want.

“Over 30 volunteers have leafleted some 75 per cent of Seaford and the feedback we’ve had confirms the overwhelming need felt for the site to stay open on weekdays.

“Our concern is that reducing Cradle Hill to part-time hours is, in effect, closure via the back door.”