Plan to revamp Seaford is revealed

Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters
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A vision for regenerating Seaford and unlocking its potential has been unveiled by Lewes District Council.

The immediate priorities will be: to attract businesses to the town, fill empty shops, for example with pop up shops, and establish an enterprise centre, based on the model in Newhaven, to support start up businesses and business support services.

It is also prioritising public realm improvements, such as replacing Seaford Library, which is already underway, improving signs around the town and the appearance of the entry points into the town and links between the town centre and the beach.

Funding is coming initially from the Mary Portas scheme to the tune of £10,000, but the council is hoping to secure more funding from other sources.

Impact Seaford is being used as a blueprint for producing similar regeneration plans for other parts of the district, including Newhaven, Lewes and Peacehaven, Telscombe and East Saltdean.

The draft of the Impact Seaford report was presented at Lewes District Council’s cabinet meeting last week.

It said: “By 2030 Seaford will have made greater use of its coastal location through a regenerated seafront that is easily accessed from the town centre and key transport hubs, such as the railway station, whilst providing a crucial amenity that supports and encourages healthy lifestyles.

“The retail provision in the town will have been improved and used by more local people and advantage will have been taken of the opportunities presented as a gateway to the National Park.

“This will have included the improved provision of tourist facilities and accommodation that have widened the town’s economic base, whilst maintaining the relative tranquillity of the town, as well as the heritage and marine assets, which are valued by residents and visitors alike.”

Impact Seaford, which is designed to be a framework for various organisations to work together to improve the town, highlights some of its assets.

These include an attractive physical environment, unspoilt coastline with views to the Seven Sisters Heritage Coast, the Cuckmere Valley and the South Downs National Park.

The document lists dozens of projects to regenerate Seaford which are either underway or subject to funding.

Cabinet member for business economic development and tourism Rob Blackman was given delegated authority to agree the final version of Impact Seaford at the cabinet meeting in Lewes at Southover House on Tuesday April 23.