Planning applications 10-16 Jan 2019: Here's what is happening across the Chichester, Midhurst and Bognor areas

Here is a round-up of the current planning applications submitted in your area as provided by Chichester District Council and Arun District Council.


AW/358/18/T | Mr Radoslow | 10 Faresmead, Bognor Regis | Crown reduction of 1.5m to 3 No. Hornbeam tree.

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AW/359/18/HH | Mr Trevor Rollison | 30 Gossamer Lane, Aldwick | Side extension and new vehicular crossover


A/156/18/HH | Mrs Karen Winn | 18 Pine Trees Close, Angmering | Installation of fence and decking to rear

A/162/18/HH | Mr S Challis | 10 Ashurst Way, Angmering | Garden outbuilding.

A/171/18/HH | Mr & Mrs Watters | The Warren, High Street, Angmering | Erection of PVCu conservatory to rear of property


AB/131/18/HH | Mr & Mrs M Bradley | Tortington House, Tortington Lane, Arundel | Single storey side extension and alterations to existing conservatory (Retrospective - regularisation of AB/54/06)


BN/60/18/HH | Mr & Mrs B Geldenhuys | St Annes Cottage, Lake Lane, Barnham | Loft conversion with dormers to front and rear of roof. New roof over existing rear extension and new enclosed porch.


SDNP/18/06423/HOUS | Mr T Ellert | Bepton Common, Bepton Road, Bepton | Two storey rear extension with associated roof works. Demolition of existing front utility room and erection of front porch. Various alterations and additions including changes to fenestration.


BE/134/18/HH | Mr Mark Robinson | 1 North Bersted Street, Bersted | Single storey extension.

BE/137/18/PL | Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd | Rolls Royce Motor Cars Technology and Logistics Centre, Newlands Road | Temporary storage building & associated works

BE/139/18/PL | JCC Lighting Products Ltd | Innovation Centre, Beeding Close, Bersted | Erection of an industrial building ancillary to existing operations.


BI/18/03359/DOM | Mr C Smith | Holly Bank, Martins Lane, Birdham | New low boundary wall, swimming pool, pool store as well as alternations to the appearance of an existing side extension.

Bognor Regis

BR/323/18/HH | Mr & Mrs McManus | 4 Parklands Avenue, Bognor Regis | Two storey side extension and internal alterations

BR/329/18/PL | Arun District Council | 123 Longford Road, Bognor Regis | Change of use of single dwellinghouse to 2 No. residential apartments.


BO/18/03317/DOM | Mrs Isabelle Mathew | The Old Town Hall, Bosham Lane, Bosham | Proposed outdoor swimming pool.

BO/18/03365/TCA | Mr David Blythe | Galleon House, 63 High Street, Bosham | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. fir tree.

BO/18/03374/FUL | Thaddieus Smythe Ltd | Land Adjacent To Critchfield Cottage, Viking Way, Bosham | Construction of 1 no. detached dwelling and associated works.


CC/18/03003/ADV | Mr Perry Signs | The Park Tavern, 11 Priory Road, Chichester | 1 no. non-illuminated fascia sign, 1 no. illuminated hanging sign and 1 no. non-illuminated other sign.

CC/18/03227/FUL | Parnell Homes Ltd | 154 Broyle Road, Chichester | Construction of 2 no. semi-detached dwellings and 2 no. garden rooms. Demolition of 1 no. existing dwelling.

CC/18/03231/FUL | Mr J Allin | 19 Highland Road, Chichester | 1 no. dwelling, access and associated works.

CC/18/03325/DOM | Mr & Mrs Peter and Janet Raper and Mellor | 23 Orchard Avenue, Chichester | Replacement windows to front elevation.

CC/18/03333/DOM | Mr Alastair Blair | 28 Worcester Road, Chichester | Rear first floor and ground floor extensions. Porch roof

CC/18/03349/DOM | Ms A Kageson-Loe | 1 Winchester Drive, Chichester | Single storey rear extension and garden building. Demolition of existing garage.

CC/18/03356/DOM | Mr & Mrs T Hutson | 48 Ormonde Avenue, Chichester | Proposed Annex

CC/18/03395/DOM | Mr John Edwards | 26 Worcester Road, Chichester | Single storey pitched roof front, side and rear extension. Alteration of first floor rear window.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/18/02966/DOM | Mr G Salmon | 1 Blenheim Gardens, Nutbourne | Proposed car port.

CH/18/03195/REM | Greenacre Nursery REM | Greenacre Nursery, Main Road, Chidham | Reserved Matter application for details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following approval CH/16/04132/OUT - reuse of previously developed land for residential development of 10 no. dwellings and associated works.


SDNP/18/06305/TCA | Professor Stephen Barnett | Highlands, Bell Lane, Cocking, Midhurst | Notification of intention to prune 6 no. lower branches on 1 no. beech tree.


SDNP/18/06339/TPO | Mr Clint and JM Clements | Marshals Wick, B2146 Compton Square to The Green, Compton | Crown lift to 3.7m (above ground level) on 1 no. Lime tree (marked on plan as T2, TPO’d as T11) subject to CP/71/00372/TPO.

SDNP/18/06329/FUL | Mr Andrew Huxham | Pitlands Farm, Pitlands Lane And Piglegged Road, Up Marden, Chichester | Erection of an agricultural building adjacent to an existing agricultural building to be used as a sprayer filling area and a store.

SDNP/18/06342/HOUS | Mr Daniel Crandon | Compton House, B2146 Compton Square To The Green, Compton | Single story extension, replacement Velux rooflights with conservation rooflights, enclose the end of partially-enclosed barn to accommodate a boiler and restoration of gates.

SDNP/18/06343/LIS | Mr Daniel Crandon | Compton House, B2146 Compton Square To The Green, Compton | Single story extension enclosing area that houses well winch. Replacement of Velux rooflights with conservation rooflights, alteration of the fireplace and other minor internal alterations. Enclose the end of partially-enclosed barn to

accommodate a boiler, internal insulation of garage and restoration of gates.

SDNP/18/06501/TCA | Mr Clint and JM Clements | Marshals Wick, B2146 Compton Square to The Green, Compton | Notification of intention to crown lift to 3m (above ground level) and crown reduce by 25% on 1 no. Holly tree (marked on plan as T3).


SDNP/18/06032/LIS | Mr Barry Flannaghan | Burton Mill, Burton Park Road, Barlavington | Replace 2 no. windows.

SDNP/18/06425/HOUS | The Barlavington Estate | The Cider House, Dye House Lane, Duncton | Raising roof height of mono pitch roof to north elevation with 3 no. roof lights. Various additions and alterations to fenestration.

SDNP/18/06426/LIS | The Barlavington Estate | The Cider House, Dye House Lane, Duncton | Raising roof height of mono pitch roof to north elevation with 3 no. roof lights. Various additions and alterations to fenestration and various internal ground floor alterations.

SDNP/18/06427/HOUS | The Barlavington Estate | Duncton Mill House, Dye House Lane, Duncton | New detached domestic garage/store.


E/18/03377/PA3Q | Almodington Nurseries | Almodington Nurseries, Batchmere Road, Almodington, Earnley | Class Q (b) Application for Prior Approval - Change of Use from Agriculture to 1 no. Small Dwelling (C3 use class) together with building operations reasoonably necessary to convert the building.

East Preston

EP/179/18/PL | Mrs J & Mr P Simmonds & Beamish | Gladwyn, The Street, East Preston | Demolition of existing house & erection of 3x 3 bedroom houses together with landscaping, car parking and fencing.

EP/180/18/PL | Mr & Mrs Steel | The Boathouse, 131A Sea Road & Coastal, Caravan Park, Sea Road | Change of use of boat store & sail loft (Sui Generis) to a single residential dwelling (C3 - Dwellinghouse) & part change of use of former dinghy pen to caravan site (Sui Generis)

EP/182/18/PL | Mr H Karkar | 20 Lashmar Road, East Preston | 1 No. end of terrace house together with associated car parking, new vehicular access, garden shed & planting (resubmission following EP/148/17/PL).

EP/185/18/PL | Dearden Homes Ltd | Land rear of Beechlands Cottages, Beechlands Close, East Preston | Demolition of existing buildings & erection of 3 No. dwellings with associated parking, alterations to existing access & relocation of staircase to flats (resubmission following EP/7/18/PL).

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/18/03306/DOM | Mr Philip Hand | Little Ducks, Pond Road, Bracklesham Bay, East Wittering | Proposed single storey rear extension and removal of existing side extension with other minor amendments.

EWB/18/03355/DOM | Mr & Mrs Ingram | Ein Cartref, 5 Solent Road, East Wittering | Replacement of existing conservatory with family room, enlargement of existing rear dormer and entrance porch/internal alterations


EG/81/18/HH | Mr & Mrs Allington | 73 Barnham Road, Eastergate | Proposed conservatory to the rear and side elevation.

Elsted and Treyford

SDNP/18/06444/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Kent | Parkfield, Sheepwash, Elsted | Extension and partial Conversion of Garage/Store into ancillary accommodation. Erection of new garden-store.


SDNP/18/06126/HOUS | Mr Penny Riddell | 7 Chesholt Close, Fernhurst | Ground floor garage conversion including 1 no. bow window and associated alterations. 1 no. dormer window on first floor. Loft conversion including 1 no. rear dormer window.


FG/219/18/PL | Ms D McGruddy | 11 Ocean Drive, Ferring | Demolition & erection of 1 No. dwelling with associated parking & turning.

FG/220/18/PL | Mr & Mrs M Jenkins | Land adjacent to Elm Lodge, Tamarisk Way, Ferring | Erection 1 No. dwelling with integral garage.


FB/18/03124/TCA | Mr Bates | Kensington Cottage, 67 Fishbourne Road West, Fishbourne | Notification of intention to reduce height by 2.5m & lateral spread by 3m to the north and south aspects, give a 2m clearance from adjacent buildings to south-east and south-west and crown raise by up to 5.05m (above ground level) on 1 no. Monterey Cypress tree (T1).


SDNP/18/06186/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Collingwood | Wayside, Tripp Hill, Fittleworth | Demolition of existing conservatory replaced with single storey rear extension.


SDNP/18/06184/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Boughton | The Rectory Coach House, Downs Road, West Stoke, Funtington | Removal of outbuilding and replacement two storey extension.


SDNP/18/06554/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Lillywhite | 33 South Acre, South Harting | First floor front and side extension. Erection of lean-to pitched roof over porch


SDNP/18/05887/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Neal | Bex Mill, Bex Lane, Heyshott | Amendments to previously approved SDNP/18/01674/HOUS and alterations to form lower floor level in part of utility room and new porch roof over front door.

SDNP/18/05888/LIS | Mr & Mrs Neal | Bex Mill, Bex Lane, Heyshott | Amendments to previously approved SDNP/18/01675/LIS and alterations to form lower floor level in part of utility room and new porch roof over front door.

SDNP/18/06049/HOUS | Ms Laura Parry | 3 Hoyle Lane, Heyshott | Construction of dormer window on front and rear roof slope.


HN/18/03067/TCA | James Russell | The Rectory, Church Lane, Hunston | Notification of intention to reduce height by 4m and spread by 2-3m on 1 no. Willow tree (T1), Reduce height by 3m and reduce lateral limbs to clear house (back to previous pruning cuts) on group of Lime trees (T2), reduce height by 3-4m and spread by 2-3m on 1 no. Willow tree (T3) and reduce height by 3m and reduce laterals by 2 m on 1 no. Cherry tree. (T4).

HN/18/03371/TPA | Mr Rod Harley | 11 Foxbridge Drive, Hunston | Pollard (back to previous pruning points) on 1 no. Poplar tree (T10) subject to HN/96/00550/TPO.


LV/18/03090/FUL | The Southern Co-operative Ltd | The Co-Operative, Lavant Road, Chichester | Raise height of the petrol station canopy at the front of the building to provide improved clearance from ground level.


SDNP/18/06489/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Chamberlain | Bridge Farm, Haslemere Road, Linchmere | Erection of a single storey 3 bay detached garage. Removal of retaining wall, relocation of tank and realignment of access road.


LU/364/18/HH | Mr & Mrs L Williams | 21 Northway Road, Littlehampton | First floor pitch roof rear extension


LX/18/03277/FUL | Mr & Mrs Ditch | Moores Cottage, Loxwood Road, Alfold Bars, Loxwood | Proposed 3 bedroom dwelling on existing land adjacent to moores cottage. Split of existing site into 2 to allow for new dwelling. Demolition of existing garage.


SDNP/18/06410/HOUS | Sir Vernon Ellis | Greengate Farm House, High Hamstead Lane, Lurgashall | Replacement of main entrance door, internal refurbishment and repair including installation of timber double doors behind existing garage doors.

SDNP/18/06411/LIS | Sir Vernon Ellis | Greengate Farm House, High Hamstead Lane, Lurgashall | Replacement of main entrance door, internal refurbishment and repair including installation of timber double doors behind existing garage doors.


SDNP/18/06366/CND | Mrs Anne Murphy | 20 Ashfield Road, Midhurst | Change use of roof space to habitable accommodation and associated works - Variation of condition 2 SDNP/17/02091/HOUS - acceptance of the attached drawings and allowing the rear facing dormer to be higher than originally permitted.

SDNP/18/06556/TPO | Sarah Callingham | 98 Poplar Way, Midhurst | Remove 2 no. stems closest to house and crown reduce by 50% on 1 no. Bay tree (T1), subject to MI/82/01100/TPO.


M/155/18/PL | Mr D Conaty | 5 Central Drive, Middleton-On-Sea | Replacement dwelling (resubmission following M/114/18/PL).


SDNP/18/06448/HOUS | Mr A Owen | 3 Trotton Hollow Cottages, Rondle Wood, Milland | Demolition of existing garage and erection of replacement double garage.

North Mundham

NM/18/03360/DOM | Mr Mike Freeman | East Cottage, Post Office Lane, North Mundham | Construction of front, rear and side extensions; internal re-ordering; replacement windows; replacement of flat roof with pitched and associated works


SDNP/18/06535/HOUS | Mrs Elizabeth Hardy | Northchapel Post Office And Stores, A283 Hillgrove Lane To Luffs Meadow, Northchapel | Removal of existing brick pillar and door to widen garage entrance door to accommodate 2 no. parking spaces.


SDNP/18/05795/HOUS | Mr J Burden | 23 Garland Close, Petworth | Single storey side and rear extension.

SDNP/18/06409/LIS | Professor Mike Mulcahy | Westbury, High Street, Petworth | Cleaning of timbers and restoration using ‘Back From Black’ to change the appearance of darkened timbers to oak finish.


SDNP/18/06244/HOUS | Mrs K Phipps | Yew Trees, Fyning Lane, Rogate | Side and roof extension, change of use of loft space to create habitable accommodation. Various alterations and additions including changes to fenestration and removal of chimney. Demolishment of existing garage and outbuilding. Parking area lowered to create 3 no. parking spaces.

SDNP/18/06447/LDP | Mr & Mrs Lee | Barns House, Durford Wood, Rogate | Proposed Lawful Development Certificate for a ground floor rear extension and 2 no. garden buildings.

SDNP/18/06496/HOUS | Mr Anthony Westmorland | Parsonage Farm House, North Street, Rogate | Erection of single storey 3 bay garage.


R/286/18/HH | Mr Trevor Bailey | 19 Windmill Drive, Rustington | Silver Grey fibre cement Marley Cedral Lap cladding to front and side elevations

R/291/18/HH | Neil & Cathy Stanaway | 9 Glenville Road, Rustington | Demolition of old sun-lounge and construction of new single storey rear/side extension.

R/294/18/HH | Mr Ian Ayres | 4 Ingram Close, Rustington | Installation of a new bathroom window on side (west) elevation of house


SY/18/02916/FUL | Mrs Brenda O’Connell | 57 Crablands, Selsey | Demolition of existing fire damaged detached dwelling and construction of 1 no. single storey detached dwelling.

SY/18/03392/DOM | Mr & Mrs Frizelle | 22 Grafton Road, Selsey | Proposed single storey rear extension with internal alterations


SI/18/03379/PA3Q | Pamela Stevens | 63 Street End Lane, Sidlesham | Class Q application for Prior Approval - Change of use from Agriculture to Dwelling (C3 Use Class).


SB/18/03425/DOM | Mrs Parsons | 28 Woodfield Park Road, Hermitage, Southbourne | Single storey side/rear extension.

Special Code For BLPUs Outside CDC Area

SPEC/18/03362/ADJ | Ms Sabah Halli | East Hampshire District Council, Council Offices, Penns Place, Petersfield | Planning Application 55562/005 SCOP Development Land East of Horndean, Rowlands Castle Road, Horndean, Waterlooville. Proposal: Outline planning application with all matters reserved, except the means of access to the highway network (junction arrangements) and associated highway improvements, for the demolition of existing buildings and the residential-led (C3) mixed-use development of the site with up to 800 dwellings, up to 2ha of employment land (uses B1 and B2), a Local Centre (including: local retail (food and non-food A1); financial and professional services (A2); restaurants, cafés, and drinking establishments (A3 and A4), hot food takeaways (A5), together with a primary school (D1) and community facilities (D2)), informal and formal open space, allotments, and acoustic bunds, together with associated drainage, utilities and all other associated and necessary infrastructure.


SDNP/18/06505/TCA | Mc Lean | Martlett House, Cooks Lane, Walderton | Notification of intention to reduce crown by 1m and sides by 0.6m on 3 no. Conifer trees. Reduce by 1m overall. Remove 2 no. lower limbs on 1 no. Pittosporum tree. Reduce crown by 2m and sides by 2m on 3 no. Viburnums trees. Cut clearance of 1m around cables through canopy on 1 no. Ash tree. Reduce crown and sides by 1.5m on 1 no. Conifer tree. Reduce crown by 1m and sides by 0.6m on 3 no. Privets trees. Reduce crown by 1m and sides by 0.6m on 1 no. Bay tree. Reduce crown by 1m and sides by 0.6m on 5 no. Conifer trees. Reduce to old pruning points on 1 no. Norway Maple tree.


SDNP/18/04920/FUL | Mr Guy Marks | Upperton House, Upperton Road, Upperton, Tillington | Childrens play area.

Trotton With Chithurst

SDNP/18/06282/CND | The English Sangha Trust | Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, Chithurst Lane, Chithurst | Two storey Monks Utility Building to replace existing shower and WC block, including alterations to existing cloister adjacent - Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission SDNP/17/05000/FUL - revised schedule of plans.


WE/18/03013/FUL | Mr And Mrs Sperring | Woodbury House, Whitechimney Row, Westbourne | Amendments to the approved external landscape details of application WE/16/00721/FUL.

West Wittering

WW/18/03332/DOM | Mr & Mrs James | 33 Marine Drive, West Wittering | Proposed loft conversion and 2 storey side extension + widening of existing drop kerb.