Plans to review boundaries scrapped

PLANS TO REVIEW some boundaries of Wealden, Rother and Eastbourne have been scrapped after the latter authority said it had little desire to undertake such a review.

A Principal Area Boundary Review (PABR) was requested by Willingdon and Jevington in 2004.

The Audit Scrutiny Committee at Wealden District Council received an update on the issue on Wednesday, January 11.

Councillors were told the Local Government Boundary Commission would not undertake the review.

A Wealden spokesman said: “These would be very small scale reviews of the district boundaries involving relatively few electors.”

In 2004, Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council said there were was a difficult boundary in the built up area with Eastbourne where roads were split between Wealden District and Eastbourne Borough councils – namely Seven Sisters Road, Huggetts Lane, Burlow Close, Willingdon Park Drive, Wealden Park, Lodge Avenue and Shortlands Avenue and Chalk Farm Close.

At the time, the parish council said: “Part of the old Willingdon village now lies within the borough boundary and the Dutchells Way estate is entirely separated from the rest of Wealden and can only be approached through Eastbourne. We would urge that this boundary be reviewed at the same time.”

Councillors noted Wealden wanted a boundary review with Eastbourne and Rother ‘as soon as possible’. But Eastbourne had ‘little desire to embark on a review’.

Memo notes for Eastbourne said: “The consensus view is that as a local authority we have far more important matters to contend with.”