Platinum wedding to be celebrated

Phil and Gladys Weight.
Phil and Gladys Weight.

A SEAFORD couple will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Wednesday August 1.

Philip Weight, 94 and Gladys Betsy, 90, will spend it with their family including: four children, four grand children and three great grand children.

They have lived in Hawth Park Road, Seaford for more than 18 years, where they love to stroll along the promenade to Splash Point.

They used to cycle from Camberwell to Southend, with Phil helping Gladys up the hills by pushing the back of her saddle, as there were no gears in those days. They were both keen ice-skaters.

Daughter Jennifer said: “As they often tell us, once the War broke out everything changed, all ice rinks closed and leisure time disappeared. Their war time honeymoon was spent on a rowing boat on the Thames near Shepperton with a primus stove and a canvas awning. To give some protection from the bombs they always moored overnight under the bridges.”

And the secret to a long and happy marriage? Phil said: “Having a loving, caring wife, four wonderful children and good health.”

“Staying true to each other,” Gladys added.