Play your part in Newhaven’s future

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An exhibition where people can give their views on how they would like to see Newhaven take shape in the future will be staged at the Hillcrest Centre on August 12 in Newhaven.

It will help Newhaven Town Council to form a neighbourhood plan which will create a blueprint for how residents would like to see the town developed.

The town council has already run a number of public exhibitions in Newhaven where they have asked for residents’ views to feed into the Neighbourhood Plan.

A spokesperson for thetown council said: “Newhaven Town Council has recently run three exhibitions so that people can find out more about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Newhaven.

“The views of the community are needed, so that Newhaven Town Council can produce a Neighbourhood Plan that guides future development in a way that local people agree with.”

The next exhibition will take place at the Hillcrest Centre in Hillcrest Road on Tuesday August 12 from 4pm to 8pm.

Another one was held on July 29 at Denton and Mount Pleasant Social Centre.

Information sheets and questionnaires have been delivered to homes throughout the town but if households have not received one, the town council will send them out on request.

The spokesperson for the town council added: “This is an exciting time for the local community as they have an opportunity to have a real voice, as to how they would like to see their town develop and change over the coming years.”

To request an information sheet and questionaires contact the town council on 01273 516100.