Plea to keep dogs under control at Newhaven beauty spot

Newhaven news
Newhaven news

Dog walkers are being urged to keep their pets under control at Tide Mills, where several species of birds are nesting.

Wheatears, ringed plovers and skylarks are nesting at the shingle beach, situated between Newhaven and Seaford.

A record 24 people turned out at the June meeting, collecting just six sacks of rubbish, which they said meant the area was in good shape.

Chair of the Friends of Tide Mills Jim Skinner said: “We would especially like to thank everybody who visits this special area and who not just ensure they leave no litter but, we know in some cases, actually undertake litter sweeps themselves.

“Together we are all making sure Tide Mills remains well cared for and championed. Many thanks to you all.

“We would like to remind that wheatears, ringed plovers, skylarks and several other species of bird are nesting and fledging just now and obviously we ask that visitors keep disturbance to a minimum if at all possible. If dogs could be kept under tight control that would be most appreciated.”

The next meeting will be on Sunday July 20, at 10am, at the waymarker next to the beach at the road leading from the level crossing. Email