Poem adds to artistic intrigue of Re-Leaf Project in Lewes

Voyage of the imagination: 'Leafboat' by artist Tom Walker, who has extended an invitation in verse
Voyage of the imagination: 'Leafboat' by artist Tom Walker, who has extended an invitation in verse

The secret of the Re-Leaf Project in Lewes is soon to be revealed.

Visitors to The Foundry Gallery have been busy this month making pastel-coloured leaves which will be transformed into a single piece of art linking the gallery with the Linklater Pavilion.

The true nature of the artwork remains a mystery and artist Tom Walker has penned the following poem to add to the intrigue.

If you’re on Malling Field this Saturday

The twenty-sixth day of July

Then at noon let your gaze cross the river

And here is what you will espy:

A man in a bright yellow T-shirt

Near the Foundry that side of the Ouse

Will embark on a boat called Fair Gael

And go on a ten minute cruise.

The boat has a leaf for its pennant

The man has a case full of leaves

Made with pastel on paper by people

Who, afterwards, all had green sleeves.

The boat plies beneath Phoenix Causeway

Then Cliffe Bridge and, just round the bend

Will dock near Linklater Pavilion

Where Fair Gael’s short voyage will end.

The man in the bright yellow T-shirt

Will step ashore, leafcase in hand

And vanish inside the Pavilion

To do something secretly planned.

If you pasteled a leaf at the Foundry

Or two leaves, three leaves or a burst

Then come to the Railway Land later

5.30, August 31st.

Have a picnic and then at 6.30

The Re-Leaf unveiling will start

Then you’ll see how your leaves have been fashioned

Into one complete work of art.

More than 200 leaves have been created so far – half of them by Year 5 and 6 children from Southover Primary School. They also covered 18 square metres of black paper with pastel flames, sparks and smoke to complete the Great Wall of Fire project.

The Foundry exhibition closes at 5pm on Sunday.