Polecat kittens born at Upper Dicker school

Polecat kittens
Polecat kittens

Bede’s School found it had some additional boarders when a pair of European polecats in their Animal Management Unit produced a litter of eight kittens.

The polecats are part of a managed conservation breeding programme.

The kittens will be moved to another participating zoo when they are old enough.

Bede’s Head of Animal Management Paul Juniper said: “Polecats were hunted almost to extinction by gamekeepers at the end of the nineteenth century in the UK but this solitary, night-time hunter is making something of a comeback in Wales and the Midlands.

“Farmers and foresters now welcome them as they benefit from their healthy appetite for rabbits and rodents.”

The parents of this large family are named Bramble (mum) and Chestnut (dad).

They joined the Schools animal collection back in May when they arrived from Shepreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire.

A spokeswoman for the school said: “All of the staff and students at Bede’s are looking forward to watching the litter grow up.”