Polegate couple jailed in Barbados

Polegate News
Polegate News

A Polegate couple have been jailed after falsely claiming their home in Barbados had been burgled and £10million stolen, police in Barbados have said.

Edward John Denney, 41, and Tululla Sydney Georgia Salvatori, 27, both British nationals, who according to reports in the Carribean gave their address in court as Polegate, were staying at Sandy Lane, St James, on the island.

They were arrested and charged on suspicion of causing wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making a false report of aggravated burglary, police said.

The two reported to the police that their residence was burgled and property to a value of over $22,000,000.00 (Barbadian dollars) was stolen.

The sum is the equivalent of £10million.

Police said Ms Salvatori was also charged for obtaining services by deception.

Police said Ms Salvatori hired a motor vehicle from a Car Rental Company on the island and presented a cheque for the equivalent amount of $7,606.25.

But when the cheque was cashed by the company it bounced.

A report was then made to the police after the incident.

The couple both appeared at the Holetown Magistrates’ Court on the island where they pleaded guilty to the charges.

Both were sentenced to nine months in prison, police said.

Police said Salvatori was sentenced to a further nine months to run consecutively, for the offence of obtaining services by deception.

The information was issued by the Royal Barbados Police Force.