Polegate’s budding young tennis star

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Polegate News
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An up-and-coming junior tennis player from Polegate has been highlighted as one of the brightest talents in the country and offered support and guidance from the governing body for British tennis.

Louisiana Vine, 14, has been added to the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) Aegon FutureStars programme which recognises and supports some of the best junior tennis players in the country.

The emerging young star has earned her place on the programme following a successful year on the tennis court and will now receive added support from the LTA.

Louisiana has been included as part of the 2014 intake of players and will be part of a group of 424 top juniors from around the country who all receive varying levels of funding and support from the LTA.

Leon Smith, LTA Head of Men’s Tennis, said: “We are committed to supporting and identifying our most talented players, and the Aegon FutureStars programme is central to this process for young players who are starting out in the game.

“There’s obviously a long way to go for these players.

“It’s a long journey for any player hoping to make an impact on the game but we hope that with the right support, these players are given the best possible chance of reaching their full potential.”

David Macmillan, Chief Marketing Officer at Aegon, added: “We’re delighted to continue supporting the LTA in identifying and developing young players across the country.

“As a business, we believe that preparation is key, and the Aegon FutureStars programme plays an essential role in enabling young people to fulfill their potential, and make the next step in their tennis journey.”

For more information about the LTA and to get advice about how to get into playing tennis and all of the organisations news on the game visit the organisations website at: www.lta.org.uk.