Polegate water scheme finishes - expect short disruption

THE FINAL TOUCHES to a £750,000 water main scheme will be completed with a likely water shortage disrupton tomorrow night (March 24).

A short disruption is expected to customer water supplies while the water transfers into a a new 24-in diameter ductilie iron pipe in Wannock Road, Polegate.

The work was being carried out overnight to minimise disruption but customers likely to be affected were given warning cards by South East Water.

Areas expected to be affected by lower water pressure until Friday (March 25) by the short term shortage live in Wilmington, Folkington, Polegate, Willingdon, Stone Cross, Hankham, Westham and Pevensey Bay.

David Brend, delivery manager at South East Water, said: “We are really pleased this work is almost finished and I’d like to thank all those customers who’ve been directly affected for their patience and co-operation throughout the work.

“This last stage may cause some disruption and for this I am sorry, but this short term pain will be for a long term gain as we secure supplies for the future. We are doing everything we can to complete the work as quickly as possible.

“The higher the demand for water during the final connection work, the more risk there is of customers suffering from low pressure problems. We are asking our customers to use water wisely at this time and if possible avoid putting on washing machines, watering gardens or washing cars as this will all help.

“This is a large water main which will transfer significant volumes of water every day from our water sources on the South Downs, into the Polegate and Eastbourne area.”

South East Water’s investment is crucial as with an increasing number of bursts on the existing water main – it has burst 14 times in 10 years. There have been interruptions to customers’ water supplies across Polegate, Stone Cross, Westham, Pevensey and north Eastbourne.

There is also localised flooding to some homes in Wannock Road when the water main bursts, and disruption to traffic while emergency repairs to the pipe and road surface are carried out.