Police advice to avoid cash machine ATM fraud

HAILSHAM police has issued advice to any residents concerned about ATM fraud when taking money out of cash machines.

Cover your hand while entering your PIN when using a cash machine, say police, to help stop the the threat posed by hidden cameras and unwanted onlookers

If you are suspicious of any cash machine, or the behaviour of anyone near an ATM you should avoid taking any risks.

Try and use the same few cash machines to draw cash, so that you are more likely to spot any fraudulent devices.

If you discover any devices and you have a phone, contact your bank or the police to report the situation. However do not try and remove any devices or cameras yourself, say police.

Last year, an off duty police officerf found a device in a cashpoint machine installed by crooks to read debit or credit card info.

At the time, Jamie Harwood, NPT engagement officer, said: “There are many different devices that are used on cash point machines, and these can be found very simply by going onto the internet.

“Wealden police would like to remind people to be extra vigilant when using cash point machines.

“Remember to cover the keypad when entering pin numbers and check cash point machines for anything out of the ordinary.”