Police appeal after vandals damage Peacehaven garden

A community garden which volunteers have been working on since September to improve thearea was vandalised in Peacehaven.

The attack on the Meridian Centre Garden this week has left the helpers from Peacehaven Horticultural Society and the community who look forward to the colourful displays devastated.

Mo Payne and Alison Standing (hort soc)

Mo Payne and Alison Standing (hort soc)

Each month there is a different theme in the garden.

This month it is St Patrick’s Day and volunteers had collected items to decoate the garden, such as St Patrick’s Day hats, leprauchauns and animals.

When the vandalism was discovered, garden statues were found broken.

Alison Standing, who is one of the volunteers working on the garden, said: “We work on the garden for the community.

“You keep thinking what is the point if it is going to get ruined?

“But I think we should keep working on the garden because otherwise they will think they have won.”

The horticultural society is now planning to install a security camera to deter any future vandals.

The space was an old garden which no one was taking care of and the horticultural society asked Peacehaven Town Council if it could take it on and the council agreed.

Volunteers have been hard at work improving the area since September, including changing themes such as Bonfire Night and Christmas.

Alison continued: “It’s just a shame. The children always come and have a look at the garden.

“Nothing in the garden was expensive but that’s not the point.”

A spokesperson for Peacehaven Town Council said: “A lot of locals are most upset.

“The garden is a treat to see, there is always something different to look at.

“The Horticultural Society are excellent at organising the themes.

“How disappointing that someone stoops so low to perform such an act.

“The society have now decided to take action and install a CCTV monitor to identify these vandals if this were to happen again.”

Sussex Police confirmed they had received a report of vandalism at the Meridian Centre Garden in Peacehaven on Monday March 18 at 9.05am.

Police said garden statues had been broken sometime between March 9 at 6pm and March 14 at 9am.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Sussex Police on the non emergency number 101 quoting serial 0235 of 18/3.

Alternatively you can call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.