Police ask residents to help deter thieves

Residents in Hailsham, Polegate, and surrounding areas are being asked to arrange a session where police can mark valuables to help deter thieves.

Wealden Police said you can get a few neighbours together or a few streets, and then contact your local officer to come over and mark your property.

Officers use a metallic marker pen to mark property with the postcode which is then coated with an acrylic lacquer. The equipment is financed by the Safer Wealden Partnership.

PCSOs have access to the marking equipment and you only need to contact them to make an appointment.

Tony Wakefield, NPT Inspector, said: “Wealden District does suffer with thefts from people’s outbuildings and sheds. The Wealden Neighbourhood Policing Team take this matter very seriously and put a lot of work in behind the scenes to identify and catch the culprits. The main challenge we face is that our district has over 60,000 households and we would like to get to all of them.

“I’m asking that you help us to help you and arrange a marking session for your area. This could be as simple as getting a few neighbours together or maybe a few streets before you contact your local officer. In this way they can have the best impact on their visit and get as much covered in the time available. Recent local surveys have identified that Wealden communities are concerned about burglary and that they would like the police to concentrate on it as a priority. Please help us to beat this crime, keep you and your property safe and make Wealden a difficult place for criminals to be.”

Contact your officer by visiting http://www.sussex.police.uk/help-centre/your-local-district/wealden