Police crack down on antisocial driving at Seaford Head car park

ANTISOCIAL driving and criminal damage have been plaguing Seaford Head car park near South Hill Barn.

Drivers are removing the wooden stakes and driving onto the grass to do wheel spins or doughnuts at night which damages the grass.

Anyone caught driving in this manner could be arrested for criminal damage and may have their vehicle seized using section 59 powers.

Sgt Veale at Seaford Police implemented dedicated patrol activity in the area to prevent further offences and target offending drivers.

And officers are appealing to local residents to contact them with information.

Sergeant Chris Veale said: “As part of these proactive patrols two vehicles were stopped in Marine Parade and the vehicles and the drivers were issued with section 59 warnings for wheel spinning.

“If they or their vehicles come to police notice in the next 12 months their vehicles can be seized.”

Police were also targeting drivers in Sutton Road where officers either warned motorists or issued them with fixed penalty notices for not wearing seatbelts or using mobile phones.

In two further separate police stops within the town, two drivers were arrested on suspicion of driving whilst over the limit.