Police fish for thieves in Wealden District

WEALDEN Police have been setting up bait traps by using tracking devices in ‘various items’ to catch thieves.

The latest tracking device proved immediately successful after a man was arrested after stealing items in an undisclosed location in South Wealden.

A number of devices were placed around Wealden at around 2pm on Wednesday, April 25. Police said the items were stolen at 5pm, and by 9pm a man was in custody arrested for theft.

He was not charged but given a caution as he was unknown to police.

Wealden District Commander Chief Inspector Dick Coates said: “This type of tracking device, placed in various items of bait is proving extremely successful across the district.

“We can place our devices in almost any item, and my message to any criminals out there would be don’t risk it! You don’t know if the item you are taking is actually one of our bait devices.

“The best way of avoiding Police knocking on your door is not to steal. Bait will continue to be deployed across the District.

“I see this as one of a number of tactics at my disposal to detect and prevent crime.

“The vast majority of crime is committed by a small number of people who commit numerous crimes before getting caught.

“I want to catch them early and prevent any further crimes across the area and stop the misery people suffer as victims of crime.”

The devices have now been redeployed across Wealden to help reduce crime even further.