Police set to find alternative Newhaven and Peacehaven sites

Peacehaven police station to close
Peacehaven police station to close

Councillors in Newhaven and Peacehaven were told police will not take away services without putting in place an alternative to match or improve upon existing provision.

Sussex Police district commander Jason Tingley reassured them about the future of policing after the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable unveiled a five year plan is being introduced following a review of more than 100 buildings - from Lewes HQ to smaller police stations - to look at how Sussex Police can improve service whilst making savings.

Within that plan proposals for alternative premises in Newhaven and Peacehaven will be explored.

Chief Inspector Tingley said: “Services from Newhaven Police Station will be re-provided where people will be able to access front counter services.

“There will also be a neighbourhood policing base ideally from a nearby site with partners.

“People have told us they want to see their neighbourhood police officers out in the community, rather than in police buildings.

“With the changes we’re making, our officers will have the technology to remain out on the street, or work from a shared facility or community hub, for the majority of their time.

“People will no longer expect to have to come to us; we will be able to go to them. This makes accessing our services more convenient and accessible, not less.”

Newhaven Mayor councillor Julie Carr said: “We have been reassured by Chief Inspector Tingley that the police station in South Road will not close unless and until the police have found alternative accommodation in Newhaven town centre.”

Peacehaven mayor Rachael Coles said they were trying to identify suitable alternative accommodation close to the Meridian Centre and hoped, if they could secure Greenwich House as an enterprise centre, space would be available.