Police target people driving the morning after night before drivers in

Three drivers were nabbed in one hour as police continued to clamp down on drink driving ahead of Christmas.

They were stopped on the A27 Pevensey by-pass during an early morning static drink drive check designed to target drivers still over the limit from the previous night.

The motorists, including one Polegate woman, were caught after failing roadside breath tests on December 9.

The 42-year-old was charged with driving a motor vehicle when above the alcohol limit and is due to appear at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on December 28.

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas of Sussex Police’s Road Policing Unit said: “It is worrying that people believe they are safe to drive the morning after drinking. The truth is that it can take a long time for alcohol to leave your body. If you have been drinking the night before you could still be over the drink drive limit the morning after.

“If you are drinking the night before driving, please remember you could still be over the limit in the morning and consider making a choice between drinking or driving.”