Police tips on how to avoid cyber crime

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Police in Sussex are backing Safer Internet Day today (February 10) to remind web users to protect themselves from criminal activity.

There are two joint units within the Surrey and Sussex Police which tackle online offending - the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) and the Paedophile On-line Investigation Team (POLIT).

Head of the CCU Detective Inspector Andy Haslam said, “By taking some very basic and simple steps you will dramatically reduce the risk to yourself if you are online in a personal capacity at home, or in a place of work or running your own business.

“Criminals have adapted very quickly to exploit people who live out their lives on the internet which is why it is important that the public take on board our advice.”

Head of POLIT Detective Inspector Jonathan Gross said, “Our investigations cover many aspects of criminality on the internet with young people sadly often ending up as victims. This can be because of deceptive behaviour on social media sites and forums to gain the trust of victims.

“The message from us is clear - do not give out personal details or offer information to strangers on the internet. In reality you wouldn’t share such details with someone you met on the street.”

The two units are offering the following advice as part of the global day of action, which is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

- Use strong, memorable passwords

- Install anti-virus software on new devices

- Check privacy settings on social media

- Shop safely online - always check online retail sites are secure

- Download software and application patches when prompted.

- Never meet an online ‘friend ‘in person

- Do not give out personal information

- If you’re being bullied online - tell someone before it escalates

- Do not upload or share provocative photos - once online it is out of your hands

For more advice and to report online crime visit www.actionfraud.police.uk

For more about online safety you can also visit www.thinkyouknow.co.uk