As council taxes go up, everything else in Lewes is going down hill

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Could anyone tell me what is going wrong with Lewes?

The council tax keeps going up and the value for money we as residents get goes down.

The paths are not maintained, the verges and trees are not cut back and you have to walk in the road to get past the foliage.

I travel around a lot and when you come into Lewes it looks dreadful, yet they put signs up to say it’s a wild area so that they don’t cut the grass – and yet they find money for silly finger signs telling you how to cycle to Ringmer through Malling.

There are ten signs on lampposts from the Phoenix bridge to the skate park telling the public that the path is dual-use for pedestrians and cyclists – this waste must cost thousands which could be spent on real issues.

There are 20mph signs everywhere but is completely unenforceable.

The parking charges are going up and the town is dying on its feet shops closing all over the place.

It was noted that the parking scheme was introduced as a congestion based theme and that it only just breaks even.

If that’s the case why not get rid of it and residents’ permits, if someone in the council just for once would think outside the box this would help this town immensely.

If you go to Uckfield to shop, as we do, they have ten times the variety of shops and hardly any parking charges and the place is busy.

Also, why has the police headquarters got so big?

This town is becoming lawless as there are hardly any coppers around – no wonder people can do what they like.

The police gardens are kept beautifully and regularly cut which we pay for, but the verges and grass banks around here are only done a couple of times a year.

When is someone going to start listening to us?

Dominic Rayner

Spences Lane,