Back Newhaven residents over incinerator lorry movements, says MP

Newhaven incinerator protest.
Newhaven incinerator protest.
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Newhaven’s MP is urging Lewes District Council to stand up for residents when considering an application to increase lorry movements at the town’s incinerator.

Operator Veolia wants lorries travelling to and from the facility from 4am six days a week, creating a ‘huge nuisance’ for neighbours.

Its application proposes the installation of a modular building, provision of HGV parking, staff parking and use as skip storage and vehicle depot.

The site would operate from 4am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday and 4am to 2pm on Bank Holidays.

There would be 40 heavy goods vehicle movements a day if the application is approved.

Veolia’s application is more than a year and a half after the company applied to East Sussex County Council for a variation to the planning consent to increase lorry movements to the incinerator site, which was withdrawn due to local outrage and objections from Mr Baker.

Earlier this year Veolia tried again and a decision on increasing lorry movements to the incinerator on Bank Holidays is still pending with the county council.

“Of course, I and residents of Newhaven did not want to see the incinerator there in the first place, but the county council proceeded anyway, riding roughshod over local opinion,” MP Norman Baker said.

“In fact, somewhat unbelievably, the Leader of the Council, Peter Jones, even said the incinerator was his proudest achievement. However, what we did get within the consent for the incinerator was a limit on lorry movements to give local residents some respite.

“For over a year and a half Veolia has been trying to change that through the county council, and now we are seeing them give the District Council a shot to see if they might permit movements to this new ‘depot’.

“I want to be quite clear about this - 40 lorry movements a day, including Bank Holidays, from 4 o’clock in the morning is unacceptable, and I would urge the district council to stand up for Newhaven’s residents; something the county council failed to do when allowing this monstrosity to go ahead in the first place.”

After a meeting in March, the district council told the county it strongly objected as the plans would have a harmful impact on residents along the access routes and need had not been demonstrated.