Barcombe road closure delayed to avoid harvest clash

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LOCAL Lib Dem Councillor Rosalyn St Pierre has welcomed a decision by East Sussex County Council to defer a proposed diversion on Barcombe Mills Road.

The closure of the road, which needs complete reconstructing, has now been delayed until October 6 amid concerns over inconvenience for local residents, farmers in particular. The road is due to reopen on October 18.

Cllr St Pierre commented: “Those working in the rural community will be relieved that the proposed closure will no longer clash with the harvest season; however, no one knows what problems may result if Barcombe experiences a bad flood season this year.

“Think of the cost of the fuel of a large tractor and its large load. Local farmers are under enough pressure without this insensitive closure. East Sussex County Council needs to think of the impact on local residents and the rural community when making decisions like this.”

A spokesman for East Sussex County Council said: “We have listened to local farmers and rescheduled these works so that they can carry out their work during harvesting season.

“We appreciate that roadworks can be frustrating but sometimes it is necessary to dig up the road for repairs.

“In this case we need to completely reconstructing Barcombe Mills Road and we have to close the road to through traffic so that we can do this.

“This process uses a large vehicle that moves slowly along the road. This vehicle churns up the structure of the carriageway, adds some new binding material, then re-lays and compacts the structure.

“We then apply a new surface to complete the works. This road-recycling process significantly takes less time than other methods, as well as reducing the carbon emissions, cost and amount of waste going to landfill.

“Local residents will benefit from newly constructed roads that won’t need any further attention for years to come.”