Bid to fell protected tree in Worthing garden cited as ‘constant health and safety risk’

The fate of a tree, which has been described as causing a nuisance by several Salvington residents, is to be decided next week.

A Chatsworth Close resident wants to cut down and replace the large Austrian Pine in their garden.

They say that the tree, which is the subject of a tree preservation order (TPO), is a ‘constant health and safety risk’ to their young family.

The man reported that his garden and patio are ‘always covered in bird’s excrement’ and that sap ‘covers the majority of the garden’ at certain times of the year.

The Austrian Pine tree in question, Google maps

As well as ‘ruining floors and carpets’ the sap ‘gets stuck to the dog’ and needles ‘make the lawn unsafe to walk on and block the gutters’.

Another neighbour also wants to see the tree go and claims that a falling cone injured their grandchild.

They say they are an ‘environmentalist and active supporter of conservation’ but the tree is causing damage and using a tumble dryer ‘every day’ as clothes can’t be hung on the line is ‘against their principles’.

Officers have recommended that Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee reject the plans.

They explained that – although the tree ‘can be an inconvenience’ – it contributes to biodiversity and amenity and is otherwise healthy, having been in place for ‘more than 60 years’.

The High Salvington Residents’ Association objected to the plans, stating that the tree ‘predates by many decades the houses in Chatsworth Close’.

Objections have since been received from other residents who say the tree provides habitat for ‘birds, squirrels and a tawny owl’.

One couple said: “Due to our age we may not be able to live here forever, but would like the tree to remain for future generations to enjoy.”

More details can be found at the council planning portal using reference: AWDM/1994/21.