'˜Brexit Bus' visits Chichester

Anti-Brexit campaigners arrived in Chichester in a bright red '˜Brexit Bus' today to persuade leave voters that Britain should stay in the EU.

A big crowd turned out to listen to anti-Brexit speeches
A big crowd turned out to listen to anti-Brexit speeches

With ‘Brexit to cost £2,000 million a week is it worth it?’ emblazoned on the side, the bus is currently touring the UK after a pro-European group raised £16,000 through crowdfunding.

Addressing a crowd outside Chichester Cathedral, Christopher Beazley, a former MEP, said: “Together our parliament in Westminster can vote for Britain remaining in the customs union, can vote to stay in the single market. And the clock is ticking, who knows we may even come to the best possible decision for Britain which is remaining members of the European Union.”

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Jonathan Brown, Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Chichester, also spoke and called for a second leave or remain referendum once a Brexit deal is on the table.

UKIP's Andrew Moncrieff also spoke in favour of Brexit

UKIP’s Chichester parliamentary candidate Andrew Moncrieff was allowed to make an impromptu speech and argued: “Brexit is not about becoming richer or poorer but about this country getting its independence back.”

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