Brexit: We all need to vote - and make it a positive one that moves the country on

OK, so none of us wanted that vote for the Euros on Thursday upcoming, but we do need to vote – urgently.

Sunday, 19th May 2019, 6:07 pm

What we did want was an end to the can kicking and the time wasting, the marginalising and then neglect of those issues which were the real trigger of the referendum result.

Now that we are fully in the know, we can shrewdly use our Euro vote to move on from the past two years of frustrations, start to heal the country’s conflicts and open up for ourselves a say in a far more positive future.

We can make it a real People’s Vote, long overdue.

Very simple this time – just select for your cross a party that wants to work with our neighbours, and promote our national interests by building on the past 40 years with a reforming ambition.

Anything else brings the demolition of institutions and achievements. And for what? Brexit, soft hard no-deal any deal, has now become a destructive obsession of die-hards, of those unwilling to see us survive and flourish in the world today.

Umpteen more energy sapping years of paralysis as we try to wrench political and trading agreements out of now disillusioned and hostile neighbours?

No thanks, in the name of our security, prosperity, sanity and a productive sovereignty, let’s go for a future with the EU, not without!

So vote, vote, vote on the twenty third. But make it positive – orange, green or tiger-striped!!

Michael Rider


North Chailey