Call made for potential Arun development sites

A call for potential Arun development sites to be put forward has been made by the district council.

The local plan, which was adopted in July 2018, is currently being updated.

The council is also preparing other planning policy documents, which will allocate land for housing development including a gypsy and traveller development plan document.

Government planning policy and guidance requires the council to look at potential housing and employment land sites on a regular basis as part of the preparation and review of its local plan evidence.

Arun District Council has made a call for sites as part of work on its Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

This work is known as the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA).

The HELAA is a technical and theoretical database of sites which have been identified and assessed for their potential to accommodate future housing or economic development.

It forms an important part of the council’s evidence for the identification of a sufficient supply of housing sites. The inclusion of sites in a HELAA should not be seen as an intention to allocate these sites for development, or that planning permission will be granted.

As part of this, the council is undertaking a ‘call for sites’ exercise that provides the opportunity for individuals and organisations to suggest sites they think have the potential to be developed for housing or economic uses. Residential sites should be able to accommodate five or more additional new dwellings.

The council is particularly interested to know about plans to develop land within the next five years or in the longer term (6-10, 11-15 or 16+ years from April 2021).

The call for sites will run until to Wednesday July 7.

To submit details of any new sites or provide any update on an existing site for assessment in the HELAA, complete the council’s online form at

Respondents do not have to own a site in order to suggest it for development, but will need to provide the landowner’s details so the council can contact them. The council also asks that they speak to the landowner before submitting details of the site.