Campaigners oppose 650 Hailsham homes

A mock up of how the new development could look in Hailsham JPSE
A mock up of how the new development could look in Hailsham JPSE

Campaigners opposed to plans to build 650 new homes in Hailsham say a meeting to discuss the proposals will go ahead next week.

A planning application to build the new homes east of Park Road and south of New Road in Hailsham was submitted to Wealden District Council by developer The Fairfield Partnership in April.

The application states that up to 35 per cent of the build would be set aside for affordable housing, and there would be a new primary school, 300 square metres of retail floor space, new allotments, and landscaped areas.

The plans include re-routing the A271 around the proposed estate along Park Road and New Road.

The North Hailsham and Hellingly Residents Union handed in a 1,000 signature strong petition to the council opposing the plans.

They organised a meeting in May to discuss the plans, but it had to be cancelled.

Now Grant de Jongh, chairman of the union, has confirmed the meeting will go ahead on June 19.

He said: “Apart from the unsightly and impractical upset, among other issues the presence of this development will bring it also means we would have to endure five to eight years of construction traffic, noise and visual disruption to our lives.

“Once complete there would be a new council estate, over 2,000 more cars on the road, potential sewage maintenance issues as we are already at capacity, no gap between Hailsham and Hellingly so a loss of identity and more.

“Let’s do our best to resist this deeply unwanted destruction of our environment.

“The more people we have on side the better so please continue to encourage membership and try to get to the meetings.

“Let’s make some noise of our own before the noise of bulldozers drowns us out and ruins the peace and quiet of our neighbourhoods for almost a decade!”

Mr de Jongh urged other residents opposed to the plans to make their views known at the rescheduled meeting.

Campaigners have handed out around 500 posters in the local area inviting people to come along to the meeting.

It is the third time in eight years that developers have submitted applications to build on the land which falls between the North of Hailsham and the Hellingly area.

The North Hailsham and Hellingly Residents Union’s last meeting about the plans attracted around 100 people.

The full residents meeting will take place at Emmanuel Church Hall on Hawkswood Road at 8.15pm on Wednesday June 19.