Changes to Cuckfield hall’s premises licence sought

Cuckfield Parish Council has asked Mid Sussex District Council to allow music to be played in the garden of Queen’s Hall.

Queen's Hall, Cuckfield
Queen's Hall, Cuckfield

An application to vary the premises licence for the hall, in High Street, will be considered by the licensing committee on Friday (December 17).

The parish currently holds a licence for music to be played and entertainment – such as films and plays – to be shown inside Queen’s Hall at certain times.

It can also sell alcohol as long as it is consumed on the premises.

The application asks for the licence to be expanded to allow music to be played outside during wedding ceremonies and for the licensed area to be extended so that people can drink alcohol in the garden.

Use of the garden would stop at 9pm.

The application also ask permission for a local theatre production group to stage an outdoor play in the garden once a year.

The council received two representations objecting to the application.

While one was resolved, another, from a teacher who lives in High Street, was not.

In a letter to the council she said she and her husband had been disturbed by music and noise from the hall which was at times ‘so loud it can be heard through double glazing with all doors and windows closed’.

She added: “We appreciate that the Queen’s Hall is an important village amenity and has multiple uses and functions.

“However, we do not think it is unreasonable to ensure local residents working in the community are able to get a good night’s sleep on weekdays and one day of respite at the weekend.

“This is particularly important given changing working conditions leading to more people working from home and requiring a suitable environment to do so.”

The meeting will be held at 10am and will be live-streamed to the council’s YouTube channel.