Chichester planning applications: Here’s the latest list of submissions across the district

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between November 16-23.


AP/21/03281/LBC: Crouchers, Birdham Road=. Repair of roof to fire damaged property.


Locations of the planning applications submitted across the Chichester district between November 16-23. Photo: Google Maps

SDNP/21/05591/BBPN: Burton Down Radio Mast, Lee Farm Road. Proposed 3 no. Kathrein antennas to replace existing antennas on new poles 2.6m. Proposed Active routers added to new antenna support poles. Proposed 3 no. passive routers installed on existing support pole. Proposed 3 no. 2012 ERS (1400) with filters on ERS XL bracket fixed to existing support pole on concrete base. Proposed 6115 cabinet, 3 no. 2262 ERS and 3 no. 4480 ERS in large cabin and associated ancillary works.


BO/21/03102/ELD: Walton Farm, Walton Lane. Existing lawful development 2 no. biomass boilers.

BO/21/03257/DOM: Fantails, The Drive. Replacement porch canopy.


SDNP/21/04688/FUL: Stane Lodge, Bury Gate. Demolition of existing dwelling and garage and erection of replacement dwelling, garage with tennis court.

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CC/21/02898/DOM: Westleigh, 3 Westmead Road. Proposed replacement side extension enabling new first floor accommodation, single-storey rear extension ,revised fenestration, internal layout and material design throughout.

CC/21/03137/DOM: Priory Cottage, Priory Road. Installation of 2 no. roof lights to flat roof, replacement of fenestration, garage door, porch, gates to Priory road and an air source heat pump.

CC/21/03144/TCA: 223 Whyke Road. Notification of intention to reduce height by 2m, reduce the branches on the east and south sectors by 1.5 metres and by 2.5 metres on the lowest branch on the east sector, (where it is starting to cover a few of the five, still relatively small approx 3 metres in height Prunus trees planted 24 months ago on 1 no. Horse chestnut (T1). Reduce height by 2m and widths by 2m (all round) on 1 no. Prunus (T2) and Hawthorn (T3).

CC/21/03146/ADV: 48 East Street. New illuminated fascia sign to front and rear of building to replace existing.

CC/21/03166/ADV: The Novium Museum & Tic 1, Tower Street. Installation of 4 no. non-illuminated banners.

CC/21/03186/FUL: 51 North Street. Replacement and enlargement of existing conservatory.

CC/21/03187/LBC: 51 North Street. Replacement and enlargement of existing conservatory.

CC/21/03189/FUL: St Faiths House, The Close. Change of use from B1 offices to C3(a) dwelling house. Internal, non structural alterations and refurbishment to ground and first floors.

CC/21/03190/LBC: St Faiths House, The Close. Change of use from B1 offices to C3(a) dwelling house. Internal, non structural alterations and refurbishment to ground and first floors.

CC/21/03303/TPA: Land To The West Of 3 Dunstan Close. Reduce height by 3.5m and laterals by 2.5m (back to previous pruning points) on 1 no. Sycamore tree within Woodland, W1 subject to 68/00163/TPO.

CC/21/03310/ADV: 81-82 East Street. 2 no. non-illunminated fascia signs, 1 no. non-illunminated projecting sign and 2 digital promotional screens.

CC/21/03322/TPA: Woodland Place, Flat 1, Rew Lane. Remove 2 no. lowest branches (3.5m above ground level) over parking spaces (east sector), shortening tips on selected lateral branches by 0.5m-1m to reduce overhang above parking spaces on 2 no. Western Red Cedar trees (quoted as T4 & T6) within Area, A4 subject to CC/60/00131/TPO.

CC/21/03331/DOM: 9 Worcester Road. Design revisions to approved 21/01452/DOM Proposed two-storey rear and side, and porch extensions, revised fenestration and associated internal alterations.

CC/21/03335/TPA: 63 Plainwood Close. Reduce crown by approx. 1.5m (to previous pruning points) on 1 no. Beech tree (marked on plan as T1) TPO’d no. T2 subject to CC/96/00303/TPO.

CC/21/03391/FUL: St James Industrial Estate, Westhampnett Road. To regularise the conditions of permission CC/21/01391/FUL to reflect conditions contained in permission CC/20/01914/FUL.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/21/02052/FUL: Land To The East Of Paddock View, Drift Lane, Bosham. Change of use of land to a travellers caravan site consisting of 1 no. mobile home, 1 no. touring caravan and associated development.


SDNP/21/05002/HOUS: Jasper, West Marden Hill, West Marden. Erection of a shed.


D/21/03302/DOM: 50 Graydon Avenue. Proposed single storey front extension after demolition of front structure.


SDNP/21/05647/LIS: 1 Boderton Mews, Burton Park Road, Barlavington. Proposed installation of a power cable for an electric car charger in Grade II Listed gardens.


E/21/03233/DOM: North Grange Barn, Almodington Lane, Almodington. Erect a timber store at the end of our paddock.


SDNP/21/05608/HOUS: Henley Hill House, Henley Old Road, Henley. Replacement single storey side extension.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/21/03217/DOM: The Oaks, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham. Proposed vehicle crossover. Means of access to a highway Class B.

EWB/21/03245/DOM: 138 Stocks Lane, East Wittering. Double storey side extension and single storey extension to front and rear.

EWB/21/03313/DOM: Coromandel, Longlands Road, East Wittering. Construction of a single attached garage to the western side of the approved 2 bedroom chalet bungalow currently being constructed.


SDNP/21/04253/HOUS: Martlets, Fernden Lane. Demolition of exiting conservatory, proposed single storey extensions to the east and south elevation. Change of loft space to habitable accommodation.

SDNP/21/05464/LDP: Fridays Hill House, Fridays Hill. Proposed Lawful Development Certificate for a single storey rear extension within the parameters of GDPO Class A, extensions and alterations.

SDNP/21/05628/LDP: Kingsley House, Marley Heights. Provision of hardstanding on site constructed of Ultidrive porous ashphalt.


FB/21/02831/DOM: 4 Knott Gardens. Proposed loft conversion to include 1 no. rear dormer and 2 no. front dormers.

FB/21/03354/FUL: 98 Fishbourne Road West. Erection of 5 no. age restricted bungalows, with access, parking, landscaping and associated works (Variation of condition 2 from planning permission FB/18/03401/FUL - Change of roof materials for plots 7 and 8).


SDNP/21/05707/HOUS: Blytheswood, Graffham Common Road. Replacement tennis court.


SDNP/21/05741/BBPN: Land adjacent to 1 Hurlands Farm Cottages, Selham Road, Selham. Under Regulation 5 installation of 1 no. 9m pole.


SDNP/21/05551/HOUS: 27 Downsview Drive. Single storey side extension, window/door alterations/additions and associated works.

SDNP/21/05697/TCA: Bierton House, Edinburgh Square. Notification of intention to reduce heights by 2-3m and remove laterals back to stem by approx 2-3m on (east sector) on 2 no. Yew trees (T1 and T2). Reduce height by 2-3m and reduce east sector by 0.5-1m on 1 no Yew tree (T3).


SDNP/21/05543/HOUS: Dunner Hill Farm, Iping Lane, Iping. Proposed insertion of 2no. Dormer windows.


SDNP/21/05607/LDP: 3 The Courtyard, A283 Hillgrove Lane to Luffs Meadow. Single rear extension to replace existing conservatory.

SDNP/21/05449/HOUS: Tanya House, A283 Valentines Lea To Valentines Hill, Valentines Hill. Erection of detached outbuilding.


O/21/03349/TCA: St Andrews Church, Church Lane. Notification of intention to crown lift by 2m (west sector) overhanging rear garden of Brambles on 2 no. Yew trees (quoted as T4 & T5).


SDNP/21/05649/TCA: 398A and 398B Pound Street. Notification of intention to reduce height by 1.5m on 1 no. Cypress tree (T1), crown reduce by 30% on 1 no. Cypress tree (T3). Fell 3 no. Cypress trees (T2, T5 and T8) and 1 no. Goat Willow tree (T7).

SDNP/21/05064/HOUS: 22 Hampers Green. Rear single storey extension and internal alterations to ground floor.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/21/03161/FUL: Willow Tree Farm, Plaistow Road, Kirdford. Erection of 1 no. livestock building, retrospective.


SY/21/02781/DOM: 35 Chichester Way. Retrospective fencing to the side boundary.

SY/21/02901/TPA: Trees Court, St Peters Crescent. Reduce west sector to give a 6m clearance from the building and reduce north sector to give a 2m clearance from the street lamp and remove 2 no. branch on north sector, remove 2 no. branch on the west sector to give 6m clearance from the building on 1 no. Monterey Pine tree, remove 1 no. branch on the east sector to clear the overhang on the public footpath.(T4). Reduce west sector to give a 6m clearance from the building and remove 2 no. branches on west sector and 2 no. branches on the east sector on 1 no. Monterey Pine tree (T5). Both trees subject to SY/95/01002/TPO.


SI/21/03075/DOM: Little Ham Barn, Ham Road. Alteration to one and a half storey linked extension approved under LA Ref: SI/21/00701/DOM to include amendment to roof form above first floor balcony.

SI/21/03170/FUL: The Granary, Mill Lane. Construction of an all-weather porous standard size tennis court, on the site of the former grass tennis court, surrounded by a 2.75m high green chainlink fence enclosure.

SI/21/03246/DOM: The Eaves, Fletchers Lane. Detached garage and revised entrance and gates.


SDNP/21/05409/TCA: 2 Appletree Cottages, A286 The Grove to Cobblers Row. Notification of intention ot fell 1 no. Cherry tree (T1), 2 no. Pine trees (T2 and T4) and 1 no. Eucalyptus tree (T3).


SB/21/02475/DOM: 2 Victoria Terrace, Lumley Road. Proposed rear/side single storey extension.

SB/21/03000/DOM: 11 Breach Avenue. Proposed rear extension and dormers to a detached bungalow.

SB/21/03199/DOM: 31 Main Road. Single storey rear extension and associated alterations.

Special Code For BLPUs Outside CDC Area

SPEC/21/03325/ADJ: Land South of Summer Lane and West of Pagham Road, Pagham. Application No: P/153/21/RES. Approval of reserved matters (appearance, layout, landscaping and scale) following outline planning Permission P/140/16/OUT for the erection of 375 no. dwellings, together with public open space, play space, drainage, parking and associated infrastructure, landscape, ancillary and site preparation works, with access off Pagham Road. This site may affect a Public Right of Way.

SPEC/21/03341/ADJ: Land West of Pagham Road, Pagham. Application No: P/155/21/RES. Approval of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) following outline consent P/140/16/OUT for the ‘local centre’ parcel which comprises of retail, community and commercial uses, 20 No residential apartments and a 70 bed care home.


SDNP/21/05451/TCA: Church House, Stopham Lanes. Notification of intention to crown lift to clear ground level by 5.5m on 5 no. Yew trees and 5 no. Hornbeam trees (Group, G1). Prune east sector overhang back in line with the lower trimmed sections of the Cherry laurel hedge by 4m on 5 no. Hornbeam trees and 5 no. Cherry laurel trees (Group, G2). Crown reduce (top section) by 3m and reduce width (all round) by 0.50cm on 1 no. Bay Laurel tree (T1). Reduce height by 2m and reduce width by 50cm (all round inside) on 1 no. Cherry laurel hedge (H1).


SDNP/21/05641/HOUS: Heacham Cottage, Brooks Nap Road, Walderton. Addition of first floor to existing ground floor single storey extension, incorporating enlarged ground floor footprint by replacement of existing timber framed lean-to.

SDNP/21/05642/LIS: Heacham Cottage, Brooks Nap Road, Walderton. Addition of first floor to existing ground floor single storey extension, incorporating enlarged ground floor footprint by replacement of existing timber framed lean-to.


SDNP/21/05509/TPO: Tillington Hill House, Upperton Road. Crown reduce by up to 30% (1.5m all round) on 1 no. Ginkgo tree (T3) subject to TL/84/01037/TPO.

Trotton With Chithurst

SDNP/21/05263/HOUS: The Mount, Dumpford Lane, Trotton, GU31 5JN. Erection of extensions and alterations, construction of swimming pool and revisions to parking and turning area.

West Wittering

WW/21/03124/FUL: Seahaven, West Strand. Replacement dwelling and outbuilding and associated works (alternative scheme to planning permission WW/21/00708/FUL).

WW/21/03243/DOM: 38 Marine Drive West. Proposed garden room.

WW/21/03316/DOM: 7 Foxwarren Close. Rear extension to replace conservatory with associated works.


WE/21/03195/DOM: Church House, Westbourne Road. Installation of metal gates and brick piers to suit existing vehicular access.

Wisborough Green

WR/21/03134/TCA: The Gatehouse, School Road. Notification of intention to crown reduce by up to 40% (all round) on 1 no. Ash tree (quoted as T1).

SDNP/21/03910/FUL: Ingrams Farm, Fittleworth Road. Erection of a ground mounted solar array for generation of domestic electricity with 38 no. panels.


For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.