Climping caravan storage site on agricultural land approved

A caravan storage site was granted permission by the council last week.

Arun District Council’s Planning Committee approved an application to store up to 46 caravans on agricultural land last week on land east of Church Farm Barn.

Caravan owners will access the site at the south west corner, via a junction with Horsemere Green Lane.

“The applicant has 30 plus years experience of running such storage and has witnessed a significant increase in caravan ownership, with this continuing to rise as a result of the pandemic,” according to a design statement included with the plans.

Plan of the site

“As such, the applicant already has a waiting list for caravan storage in the area and frequently has to turn away potential customers.”

Land that could potentially be used for storage has been ‘lost due to housing developments’, according to the statement, and some caravan owners may find they can’t park motor homes on their own driveways if there is a covenant on the land – something that is more common among new builds.

The plans promise ‘high levels of security’ with fencing, lockable gates, and CCTV.

Similar plans were withdrawn earlier this year due to the lack of a tree report but one has since been provided which shows no trees will be lost.

There were 14 objections which expressed concerns that it would not be in keeping with the ‘semi-rural area’ and ‘could cause traffic problems’.

Horsemere Green Lane is known locally to have issues with ‘rat running’ and plans for 300 homes have also been approved there.

In a submitted statement Colin Humphris, chairman of Clymping Parish Council, said: “The parish council feels it’s inappropriate in a semi-rural area and also understands objections from residents.

“The movement of large and towed vehicles from 7am will be to the further detriment of the Horsemere Green Lane rat run.”

A transport statement submitted with the plans suggests there will be three arrivals and departures each day and the owner says caravans are ‘rarely moved more than twice a year’.

Isabel Thurston (Green, Barnham) said she was ‘alarmed’ that a ‘field in the middle of the countryside could be surfaced over’.

Officers said details of the materials would be submitted before construction.

The plans were approved with four members voting for, three against, and two abstaining.