Conservatives hold two Crowborough seats

Election news
Election news

The Conservative share of the Crowborough vote was almost halved with many voters apparently switching to UKIP.

One seat was held by current member Richard Stogdon with 1866 votes (20.9 per cent) compared with 3470 (30.7 per cent) in the 2009 election.

The second was held by another current member Sylvia Tidy with 1723 votes (19.7 per cent) compared with 3362 (29.7 per cent) in 2009.

Coming second was Independent Stephen Isted with 1189 votes (13.3 per cent) closely followed by UKIP candidates Anna-Marie Crampton with 1157 votes (13 per cent) and Sonia Finch with 1127 votes (12.6 per cent.)

Labour’s Brendan Clegg polled 469 votes (5.3 per cent) and Dave Neeves with 393 votes (4.4 per cent) Beverley Johnstone and David Shaw for the LibDems polled 340 votes (3.8 per cent,) and 327 (3.7 per cent) with the Green’s Scott Mason trailing just behind with 325 votes (3.6 per cent.)