Control of Adur and Worthing Councils up for grabs in May elections

Control of both Adur and Worthing Councils are up for grabs when voters head to the polls next month.

A number of seats on Adur and Worthing Councils are up for election next month
A number of seats on Adur and Worthing Councils are up for election next month

Usually neither hold elections at the same time as West Sussex County Council, but last year’s vote was postponed due to the pandemic.

There are also several vacant seats at Adur due to be filled next month.

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A total of 13 seats are up for grabs at Worthing and 18 at Adur.

In Worthing the Tories are defending 10 seats, Labour and the Lib Dems one a-piece, while the last remaining UKIP councillor is not standing for re-election.

Across in Adur, excluding the vacancies, the Conservatives are aiming to hold on to six seats, Labour three and UKIP one.

Of the three independents whose terms are up, only Joss Loader in Marine is standing again.

Candidates standing in Adur:

Buckingham: Matt Bannister (Labour), David Batchelor (Lib Dem), Kevin Boram (Conservative), Leslie Groves-Williams (Green).

Churchill (2): Mandy Buxton (Conservative), Sylvia Knight (Labour), Steve Male (Lib Dem), Helen Mears (Green), Steve Neocleous (Conservative), Katie Piatt (Labour).

Cokeham: Richard Aulton (Labour), Peter Groves Williams (Green), Rob Wilkinson (Conservative).

Eastbrook (2): Dan Flower (Labour), James Funnell (Conservative), Patrick Ginnelly (Green), Jill Lennon (Conservative), Carol O’Neal (Labour).

Hillside: Angus Dunn (Conservative), Cheryl Giles (Labour) and Leonie Harmsworth (Green).

Manor: Carson Albury (Conservative), Steven Carden (Labour), Steve Creed (Lib Dem), Maggie Rumble (Green).

Marine: Joss Loader (Independent), Peter Riley (Green), Nigel Sweet (Labour).

Mash Barn: Jason Lock (Conservative), Doris Martin (Lib Dem),Kat Morgan (Green), Sharon Sluman (Labour).

Peverel: Vee Barton (Conservative), Lynn Finnigan (Green), Keith Humphrey (Lib Dem), Anne Page (Labour).

Southlands (2): Simon Cheverest (Labour), Tania Edwards (Conservative), Nico Kearns (Lib Dem), Bridget Norfolk (Conservative), Deborah Stainforth (Labour), Anne Younger (Green).

Southwick Green: Robina Baine (Labour), Ian Jones (Lib Dem), Leila Williams (Conservative).

St Mary’s: Jeremy Gardner (Labour), Mike Mendoza (Conservative), Jane Mott (Green), Neville Pressley (Lib Dem).

St Nicholas: Brian Coomber (Conservative), Gabe Crisp (Green), Adrienne Lowe (Labour).

Widewater (2): Pat Alden (Labour), Ann Bridges (Conservative), Stephen Garrard (Labour), Steve Martin (Lib Dem), Joe Pannell (Conservative), Bob Virgo (UKIP), Russell Whiting (Green).

Candidates standing in Worthing:

Broadwater: John Apsey (Lib Dem), Richard Battson (Green), Cathy Glynn-Davies (Labour), Paisley Thomson (Conservative).

Castle: Ibsha Choudhury (Labour), Julie Dawe (Green), Steve Wills (Conservative), Nick Wiltshire (Lib Dem).

Central: Christine Brown (Lib Dem), Alex Harman (Conservative), Jo Paul (Green), Rosey Whorlow (Labour).

Durrington: Dan Coxhill (Conservative), James Darrall (Green), Graham McKnight (Labour), Emma Norton (Lib Dem).

Gaisford: Stephen Carleysmith (Green), Caroline Gentry (Lib Dem), John Turley (Labour) and Val Turner (Conservative).

Goring: Jane Cropper (Labour), Sharon Huls (Green), Robin Rogers (Lib Dem), Steve Waight (Conservative).

Heene: Cyril Cannings (Lib Dem), Ian Davey (Green), Paul High (Conservative), Emma Taylor (Labour).

Marine: Antony Brown (Lib Dem), Beccy Cooper (Labour), Trevor Hopkins (Green), Gavin Poole (Conservative).

Northbrook: Ingrid Allan (Labour), Russ Cochran (Conservative), Joe Pearce (Green), Keith Sunderland (Lib Dem).

Offington: Helen Abrahams (Labour), Iona Harte (Lib Dem), Sonya Mallin (Green), Elizabeth Sparkes (Conservative).

Salvington: Jackie Cranefield (Lib Dem), Richard Nowak (Conservative), Stephen Rhodes (Green), Lysanne Skinner (Labour).

Selden: Sarah Blake (Conservative), Yvonne Leonard (Lib Dem), Melanie Ling (Green), Jon Roser (Labour).

Tarring: Constantine De Goguel (Green), Marco Di Paola (Libertarian), Pauline Fraser (Labour), John Salisbury (Conservative), Hazel Thorpe (Lib Dem).