Bid for speed limit to be lowered in Burgess Hill road

Councillors are working to reduce the speed limit in a Burgess Hill road.

Burgess Hill councillor Samantha Smith (Dunstall Ward) said: “I was listening to concerns from residents about the fact the speed limit is 40mph along Gatehouse Lane.

“The speed limit has never been changed from when it was changed to a block road.

“Gatehouse Lane has had an increase of cyclists and walkers since lockdown as it is a lovely walk towards Goddards Green and the Sportsman pub.

Councillor Samantha Smith and county councillor Andrew Barrett-Miles in Gatehouse Lane, Burgess Hill

“With no pavement on one side of the road and on the other it stops half way down pedestrians are forced to use the road.”

She said working together with county councillor Andrew Barrett-Miles, they have persuaded West Sussex Highways to start the legal process to lower the speed limits in Gatehouse and Malthouse Lane from 40mph to 30mph.

This will be part of the legal work associated with adopting the new road linking A2300 and Jane Murray Way.

“We hope this will help not only the residents who live there but the wider community who use it,” Mrs Smith added.