West Sussex readers react to rubbish tip changes - which include a booking system and only one visit per week

West Sussex County Council has brought in summer opening hours as of this Friday (March 12) to help minimise traffic disruption.

Worthing tip after last year's first lockdown. Picture by Steve Robards
Worthing tip after last year's first lockdown. Picture by Steve Robards

However, it is also trialling a new booking system for residents visiting Bognor Regis, Crawley, Horsham, Littlehampton, Shoreham-By-Sea and Worthing tips.

The trial is designed to allow residents to safely dispose of their recycling and waste, limit their waiting times at these sites and help reduce traffic disruption. When live, slots can be booked up to 14 days in advance and residents will only be able to make one trip in a week (Monday-Sunday).

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You can read the full article about the changes here.Following the announcement, readers have taken to our Facebook pages to share their thoughts on the changes.

Mikey Blackwood wrote on the Littlehampton Facebook page: "Just open them full time again, then there would be no huge queues and gridlock with the likelihood of the police shutting them. Also there would be no need for a booking system or to bring in the summer times earlier. It worked before they changed the opening days and now it's kicking them in the teeth."

While Timothy Robin described it as a 'complete shambles' adding: "No wonder there is fly tipping. With the great British weather we never know when it will shine. Take the opportunity at the weekend to tidy the garden then wait a number of days until you can get a slot at the tip to coincide with a day off to get rid of the waste."

Angela Asplin commented: "Well this combined with fortnightly refuse collection sounds like an absolute dream. *slow hand clap*"

And Sophie Harvey from Worthing was one of a number of people who questioned how only one visit per week was a good idea, writing: "‘Residents can only make one trip in a week’ Eh? What about the times you have to make multiple trips from one job?"

On the Crawley Observer Facebook page Dave Fox questioned the logic behind West Sussex County Council s decision and how it would help benefit recycling. "Recycle, they cry! Protect the environment, they urge. Think of the planet we will leave our children, they instruct. Don't be selfish buy a little electric car! OR according to WSCC - Take stuff to the tip to recycle but not very often. Buy a car that holds two carrier bags in the boot so you need to go to the tip more often (oh, hang on). Maybe, buy a big car with a tailgate so you only travel to the tip once, so you protect the environment (oh, hang on). Leave the sharp broken fence in the garden to protect the planet for your children (oh, hang on). Who thought up this stupid rule? A few years ago the council were singing that Crawley was recycling more than almost anywhere in the country. A broken pencil rule!"

Jane Cosham from Shoreham described the whole thing as 'short-sighted', adding: "Fair enough check people are local but let's just get on with it. What with the interrogation, show your ID, what have you got to tip? Now we have the appointment system! People will no doubt resort to fly tipping which in turn will cost the council even more to clear up. Wake up council for goodness sake. Get the tips open 7 days as before, check ID, that should be enough. You have people supervising at the skips who can guide and instruct. I feel you are just hell bent on putting people off coming there personally."

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