Work forced to stop on Yapton housing development

Work on a Yapton housing development has been forced to stop temporarily due to failure to get planning permission for its drainage scheme.

Arun District Council has issued a temporary stop notice on Redrow for its development of up to 100 homes on land to the south of Ford Lane and east of North End Road.

The notice started today (Monday, April 19) and ceases on May 17.

Signed by group head of planning Neil Crowther, the notice states: “There has been a breach of planning control consisting of without planning permission failing to comply with a condidtion granted at appeal on 15 January 2018.”

Work has been forced to stop on a Yapton development

The condition reads that due to the risk of flooding: “No development shall take place until details of the implementation, maintenance and management of a sustainable drainage scheme have been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.”