Decision due on new access through private estate to serve development behind Pagham hotel

A decision on a new access for a development behind a Pagham hotel is set to be made next week.

Arun District Council refused plans for nine homes behind the Inglenook in March 2020 with concerns centering around the use of a narrow lane ‘sandwiched’ between the hotel and existing property to reach the site.

However the applicant appealed and a planning inspector overturned the council’s decision.

With construction already underway, the developer wants to create a new access road through a private estate to the south.

Spinnaker View residents on their private estate road with the new development behind the Inglenook Hotel in the background

The application is due to be discussed by the council’s planning committee on Wednesday (February 2).

Officers are recommending approval, but also note: “Should the developer not be able to get legal permission for the access into Spinnaker View they may still be able to revert back to the original permission and thus use the approved access alongside the Inglenook.”

Objectors have raised the loss of landscaping, the potential for extra parking from the development in Spinnaker View, the loss of footway, harm to views, loss of privacy, concerns about highway safety, extra maintenance costs arising from the increased use of the road and the fact residents are legal owners and will not give permission for the new access or removal of the fencing or landscaping.

Council offices argue the additional traffic movements associated with the Inglenook development ‘will not have a noticeable impact on the environment’ of Spinnaker View, there would be sufficient visibility at the junction with Pagham Road and while acknowledging the loss of 50 metres of footway they suggest pedestrians could walk on the mown grass verge on the opposite side of the road or walk into the Inglenook site, use the shared surface and then exit back on to the pavement within Spinnaker View.