Discussions continue about repairing Cockshut Road in Lewes

Cockshut Road, Lewes,  - Joyce Bell with potholes.
Cockshut Road, Lewes, - Joyce Bell with potholes.

When is a road not a road? When it’s called Cockshut Road in Lewes apparently.

Priory Street resident Joyce Bell set about finding who was responsible for repairing the potholes in the road linking Southover and Kingston and discovered it is a bridleway.

“The potholes in Cockshut Road have long been a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles: members of the sports club, residents and people walking to Kingston,” she said.

“Not least the owner of Rise Farm, Mrs Marilyn Jenkins, who has said that driving along it ‘throws her around in her car like a rollercoaster’.”

Joyce, a prospective County Council candidate, started some detective work and discovered the Sports Club had carried out running repairs over the years and for the past six years there had been a search to try to identify who owns the road.

“It is only in the past three weeks that it has been established Cockshut Road is not a road at all but a bridleway, and therefore the responsibility for maintaining access rests with the Rights of Way and Countryside Management section of East Sussex County Council,” Joyce said.

“After intensive work, negotiations are underway to see how repairing the bridleway could be financed.

“Contractors have been advising the County Council and preparing estimates,” said Joyce.

“The cost is likely to be shared by Lewes District Council, the County Council (from the footpaths and bridleways budget), with a contribution from the Sports Club.

“Network Rail is concerned the footings of the Victorian railway bridge could be disturbed. Extra care would need to be taken, and the work insured against potential resulting damage.

“If agreement can be reached with Network Rail and on sharing the cost, the work is expected to be carried out on weekdays mid November, with only two days’ closure.”